Course Map


Start on Letchworth Rd (by the cross walk between Court St. and the Tennis courts)

Follow Letchworth Drive past Monroe Hall, around Shrader Hall, go counter clockwise around the athletic loop.

Left on College Drive.

Right into parking Lot T

Left into Lot TT.

 Left though the Townhouses, cross Park St. follow below South Hall

Right between South Hall and Fraiser Hall

Right at the top of the hill counter clockwise around College Circle.

Follow the side walk to the right to go counter clockwise around the green (Pass Baley Hall and the ISC).

Down the hill so that Erwin Hall is directly on your left into Sturges Quad

Left to go clockwise around the perimiter paths of the the Quad

Take the path that goes below Blake

Right to go above Jones Hall

Right to go between Milne Library and Blake Hall

Left to go between Milne Library and the ISC

Left on University Drive

Left after passing Stuben Hall heading towards the Union

Right at the circle in front of the Union

Right below MJ and follow below Livingston Hall

Enter the quad by Allegany Hall and head towards Putnam Hall

Straight in front of Putnam Hall

Through the quad so that you are headed back towards Letchworth Drive by going below Erie Hall and above Letworth Dining Hall

Between Seneca Hall and Genesee Hall

Left onto Letchworth Drive

Right onto the path that goes around the field hockey field and next to Merritt Athletic Center

Right below the field hockey field and above the lacrosse field

Follow in front of the garage to towards the track

Counter clockwise around the track to the finish