Annual Picnic and Awards

Every spring, Geneseo's Black Studies program holds an essay contest that recognizes student achievement in multiple categories, as well as a picnic for award-winners and faculty.

2013 Award Winners

Best Research Paper
Liz Dierenfield
"'Oh, Lord, Don't Let 'Em Drop That PCB on Me': African Americans, Religion, and the Fight against Toxic Waste in Warren County"

Best Analytical Essay:
Lara Elmayan
"Choosing, If the Choice Exists"

Best Analytical Essay:
Katherine Menjivar
"Steering the Wheels from Slavery"

Best Analytical Essay--Honorable Mention
Todd Christensen
"The Albany Movement Through the Lens of the Organizing Tradition"

2012 Award Winners

Best Research Paper:
Stephanie C. Iasiello
"Her Own Pen? On Authorship and (Mis)Attribution in The Story of Mattie J. Jackson"

Best Research Paper:
Matthew McNeill
"Analysis of the Topsy-Turvy Doll from a Material Cultures Perspective"

2011 Award Winners

Best Research Paper
Dave O'Donnell
"To Be Planned With--Not For":Self-Determination, Community Control, and Black Power Organizing in Rochester, NY

Best Analytical Essay
Stephanie C. Iasiello
(Re)visiting the Canon: A Reading of "Visiting Yorkshire--Again"

Best Creative Writing
Fiona Harvey
Akwaaba to Ghana

Notable Research Paper
Catherine Wallwork
The Portrayal, Execution, and Outcome of Aid in Africa: A Closer Look at the Work of Invisible Children

Notable Research Paper
Justine Porter
Clandestine Operations in Cold War Congo: A Case Study on the Realist Nature of U.S. Foreign Policy

Notable Analytical Essay
Chelsea Rives
Colonial (Mis)Representation

Notable Analytical Essay
Chernor Barrie
The War for Liberation and Preservation