fall 2010 course offerings

Please contact Dr. Emilye Crosby (Blake C, office 9, Crosby@geneseo.edu) for advising.

Subj      Crse                             Title                                       Day                Time                      Location               Instructor

ANTH     216    S/M/Nat Voice:African Diaspora                TR         1:00pm-2:15pm        FRASER 116          Chierici, Rose-Marie

DANC    303    Jazz Dance III-Lec                                         T           2:30pm-3:45pm        SCHRAD 152 

DANC    303    Jazz Dance III-Stu                                          R          2:30pm-3:45pm        SCHRAD 152

ENGL    142    LtFrm:Short Story in Caribbean                  TR         8:30am-9:45am        WELLES 119           Lima, Maria

ENGL    237     AmVoice:Afr-Am Migration Narr                MW      10:00am-11:15am     WELLES 119           McCoy, Beth A.

ENGL    237     AmVoice:Afr-Am Migration Narr                 MF         2:30pm-3:45pm       WELLES 216           McCoy, Beth A.

ENGL    239     AmVis:HipHop Cul&ContempAm Lit       MWF     10:30am-11:20am     MILNE 213               Gentry, Kristen

ENGL    242     M/Lit of the African Diaspora                      TR        11:30am-12:45pm     WELLES 119           Lima, Maria

ENGL    358     Major Author:Jamaica Kincaid                   TR         2:30pm-3:45pm        WELLES 216           Lima, Maria

HIST      163     African Amer History to 1877                      TR         2:30pm-3:45pm        FRASER 119           Adams, Catherine

HIST      263     S/U/Civil War/Reconstr:1848-77               MW        8:30am-9:45am        STURGS 108           Behrend, Justin

PLSC    224     Government &Politics in Africa                   TR         8:30am-9:45am        WELLES 128           Grace, Jeremy

SOCL    201     Black Women in Amer Society                    WF      10:00am-11:15am     WELLES115            Cleeton, Elaine

WMST   201     TpWomSt:Child Hlth&Surv-Ghana              R          2:30pm-5:00pm        BLAKE B 208          Tagoe-Darko, Eva