spring 2009 course offerings

Please contact Dr. Emilye Crosby (Blake C, Office 9, Crosby@geneseo.edu) for advising.

Subj     Crse                            Title                            Day                 Time                    Location             Instructor

ENGL    237    Amer Voices:Hurricane Stories      MF        1:30pm- 2:45pm       WELLES 119     McCoy, Beth A.

ENGL    242    M/Lit of the African Diaspora           TR        2:10pm- 3:25pm       WELLES 134     Lima, Maria

ENGL    337    African-American Literature           MWF     9:30am-10:20am      WELLES 134     McCoy, Beth A.

GEOG   363    M/The Geography of Africa              TR        2:10pm- 3:25pm       FRASER 114     Rogalsky, Jennifer

HIST     263     S/U/Civil War/Reconstr:1848-77    MW       8:05am- 9:20am      STURGS 108     Behrend, Justin

HIST     266     S/U/Civil Rights Movemnt                TR       12:45pm-2:00pm      STURGS 108     Crosby, Emilye

HIST     357     Black Power & Struc Inequality       TR       9:55am- 11:10am     STURGS 109     Crosby, Emilye

HIST     388     Ex:Slave Res&Reb-Atlantic Wrld   MW       3:30pm- 4:45pm      STURGS 208A  Behrend, Justin