Campus Utilities

In compliance with the Facilities Services Mission Statement:

The Campus Utilities unit is charged with the responsibility of providing service utilities in an economic, efficient, safe and timely manner. These service utilities include high pressure steam, heating hot water, domestic water and natural gas. To insure that we are able to meet our responsibilities, the Campus Utilities unit in conjunction with both Facility Services and Environmental Health and Safety, have developed aggressive customer service, maintenance and safety programs which allow the unit to maintain a user friendly, safe and clean work environment.


  • The Campus Utilities unit is responsible for the management and operation of the Central Heating Plant, Campus Satellite Boiler System, campus-wide energy consumption and conservation, and the operation and maintenance of utility distribution systems throughout the College Campus.
  • In addition, the Campus Utilities unit monitors the energy management system, calculates combustion efficiencies, tests chemicals used to treat boilers and responds to after-hours maintenance emergencies throughout campus.

Dedicated Staffing

  • The Campus Utilities staff is on site twenty-four hours a day/seven days a week. The staff is composed of highly trained Engineers that work behind the scenes to operate and maintain the utilities that support the auditorium, library, academic buildings, residence halls, dining halls and athletic facilities.