Travel Department FAQ

Air Travel


Q: Can I fly for travel within the State?
A: There are no restrictions for air travel within NY State.

Car Rental


Q: Do I have to use a specific vendor for car rentals? If so, do I have to use a specific location?
A: Yes, NYS has a contract with Enterprise for rentals within New York State, and a contract with National for rentals at airport locations. Employees are also entitled to receive discounted rates through Enterprise on rentals for personal use.

Q: If I choose to drive my own car, do I get reimbursed for mileage?
A: As long as your Supervisor/Department Chair approves reimbursement for personal mileage, you may get reimbursed. The current mileage rate is 36 cents and is consistent with IRS rates. This rate was effective January 1, 2003 and is likely to be updated in January 2004.

Q: Can I take a car from the Geneseo fleet? Who do I contact?
A: Fleet vehicles are generally used for trips that are within a 200 mile radius. In order to use a fleet vehicle you must contact Diane Cuozzo (5662) in the Work Control Center.

Travel Agencies


Q: What travel agencies does the College use.
A: The college and/or State has contracts in place with the following travel agencies:

  • Carlson-Geneseo Travel: 585-243-4155
  • NFT: 1-800-338-8898
  • Stovroff and Taylor: 1-800-543-8616

Travel Reimbursements


Q: Where can I find out the per diem rates for my travel destination?
A: New York State's online travel manual provides this information. To view this manual Click Here. Below is a list of some common travel destinations and per diem rates:

NYC - Bronx/Queens$168$47
NYC - Brooklyn$198$47
NYC - Manhattan$208$51
Washington D.C.$150$51
Areas Not Listed$55$31