Business Process Improvement (BPI)

Business process improvement (BPI) is a systematic approach to help an organization optimize its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results. The Administrative Systems office uses "Autonomy Process Automation", formerly "Liquid Office" to assist departments in moving processes online in a secure efficient manner.

Why Liquid Office /Autonomy Process Automation?

Departments and organizations at SUNY Geneseo have a choice of several different tools to gather data through the web. Google Forms, Surveys and customized software applications to name a few. Liquid Office is one such option, a general tool that can be used for multiple purposes, but it offers several unique advantages.

  • Authentication: Liquid Office requires an active Geneseo network account to use, so forms can be presented in a secure environment. The permissions for each form are specific to that form alone - so besides providing security you have the option of identifying individual users or groups of users that have access to your process. Example: The Scholarship Submission form is limited to identified contacts for each individual Scholarship.
  • Process rather than form: Most surveys or web forms are one step forms. They capture the data submitted through a form or survey. Liquid Office supports multi step processes - routing a form through several steps. The routing that a form takes can be customized using information from the form itself, from the person submitting the form or according to which step a form is currently at.
  • Data Integration: We have several tools that will export data to a usable format (ex: Excel). Liquid Office does that but can also integrate data from back end systems into the process itself. It can use back end data sources to provide options for a menu, or to fill in fields within a form. Example: The Student Time-sheet form uses the Payroll selected by the student to fill in the 14 date fields. This improves accuracy and saves the form submitter time by skipping 14 fields of data entry.
  • Project Timeline: While slightly more complicated than the web form tool, Liquid Office is much quick to use to design a highly customized data gathering solution when compared with customized application development. If you have a good idea of what steps your process needs to follow, the turn around time for your form can be very quick. Alterations to the form or process are also more easily implemented.

LiquidOffice provides a web-based solution for creating, deploying and automatically managing the routing, tracking and approval processes for electronic forms.   LiquidOffice is the fastest way to put new and existing forms and processes online so you can save time, money and improve productivity.


Current Projects Include

  • Temp Service Student Tmesheet

  • Work Study Student Timesheet

  • Scholarship Disbursement

  • Work Study Job Board application

  • Orientation Registration