Card Access Frequently Asked Questions

For Faculty & Staff working in Academic Areas

  • When will the system come online? Sometime after Commencement. The process can take a day or two. When we have an exact date we will let you know.

  • Do I absolutely need to replace my ID Card? Your ID card will function as your key. If you do not have a key now; or do not normally access the building after hours, then you may not need to replace your ID. It’s up to you.

  • How can I set up limited access for my students? Get in touch with me and we can put it together for you; with departmental approval.

  • Who can make changes in the system? Departmental secretaries will be provided with direct access to some functionality. Changes can also be sent to

  • Where do I go to register my card? That is most easily done online. You can go to This is a form with instructions on which number we need from your ID Card (hint - not the one on the front).

  • A student dropped my course and no longer should get into the building after hours, what do I do? Let us know - we can remove access.

  • Can I use my ID Card to access other buildings? Yes, we can provide access permissions for other buildings (ex: maybe you walk in through South Hall on cold winter days). Sometimes this requires approval from departments in those buildings (Milne, Union, etc.).

  • Can I use my ID Card to access Residence Halls? Not without approval from Residence Life.

  • Who else can get into our building? Service and security staff that previously had access with metal keys. This includes staff from Facilities Services, EHS, CIT and University Police Department.

  • Who do I talk to about remaining open for a special event? Campus Scheduling & Special Events coordinates this as one of the many services they provide supporting events on campus.

  • I lost my ID Card, what do I do? CAS can replace it - but please report it lost so we can turn it off. If it turns up we are happy to turn it on again.

  • Can I see who got in where when? Not unless you are University Police Department and are conducting an investigation or are Facilities Services troubleshooting an access issue. Also, this type of information is purged from the system on a regularly scheduled basis.

  • Does CAS charge for ID Card replacement? If you are trading in an older ID Card for a newer one, CAS may not charge you. Replaceing a damaged card may result in a charge. CAS reserves the right to decide when to charge for an ID Card.

  • How do I know if my ID Card will work with the system? Newer ID Cards have your name in white font. If your name on your ID Card is in black font it is an old card and will not work in the system. If you hold your ID Card up to a reader it should respond with a red or green light. Green means it is letting you in; red means it is not. No lights mean the card was not read.