Geneseo ePay
SUNY Geneseo has multiple departments that want to offer online sales and event promotion. Commerce Manager from Nelnet Business Solutions allows each department to conduct business, collect information, and accept payments online while maintaining central control of accounting in the business office. With Commerce Manager, SUNY Geneseo assures that all systems across campus, no matter how simple or complex, are PCI Level 1 compliant.

Key Benefits:

  • Meet small department commerce needs via quick set up
  • Promote standard payment practices
  • Proactively address risk, fraud, and security concerns with PCI Level 1 compliant technology
  • Collection of data with each payment


Current Projects Include

  • Parking
    Parking services is in its second year of accepting payment for Faculty & Staff parking permits online. We are able to collect all required information and process payment for the appropriate amount. Parking passes are then selivered via campus mail. This initiative greatly increases the convenience for staff registering vehicles for campus parking.
  • Workout Center Memberships
    Non-resident students, faculty and staff are able to purchase Workout Center memberships.
  • Orientation Fees
    Secure acceptence of orientation fees, including data tha can be matched with data from student information system.
  • Commencement Housing
    Residence Life accepts ayments for CommencementHousing using this tool
  • Summer Housing
    Residence Life accepts ayments for SummerHousing using this tool
  • Phi Beta Kappa
    Phi Beta Kappa collects dues using Geneseo's Commerce Manager tool.