Temp Service Student Timesheet

The Temp Service Student Timesheet is available here: http://go.geneseo.edu/ts_timesheet.

The Temp Service Student Timesheet enables student employees to submit accurate timesheets from any web connected computer.  It is hoped that this greatly simplifies the time sheet process for the student, the supervisor and the Payroll Office.


  • Sample timesheet
  • Instructional quick guide
  • Frequently Asked Questions 




Sample Timesheet

A sample student timesheet is available as a reference, click here.


Instructional Quick Guide

 This presentation takes you through the student timsheet process step by step. To view it as a PDF click here, otherwise it is available as a MS PowerPoint file - click here.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.    Is this electronic student timesheet available for all student employees?
A.    Currently Temp Service student employees working for select departments are utilizing this feature. Access is available to all students with a SUNY Geneseo user name and password.

Q.    The department I work for is not listed in the departmental pull down menu, what do I do?
A.    Verify with your supervisor if your department is utilizing the
system. If not, please submit handwritten time sheets to your supervisor.

Q.    The eforms.geneseo.edu web site is not letting me log in, what do I do?
A.    Like any system, Liquid Office occasionally fails. If Liquid Office is unavailable, please submit a paper timesheet.

Q.    How do I change my password for Liquid Office?
A.    Liquid Office verifies passwords by connecting with the campus eMail system. Student Payroll does not have access to your password and can not change it. Liquid Office refreshes its password list every twelve hours, so if you changed your password you may have to wait up to 12 hours for this change to take effect - but your previous password should work.