Guaranteed Admission Program at Geneseo

Keep in mind when reviewing our admission criteria, that although we are highly selective, we do all we can for students that are committed to Geneseo. In fact, we have developed 2 special programs, both guaranteeing admission in a semester or two, for those students that may not meet all of our prevailing standards.


Our first program is referred to as "Guaranteed Admission." It is intended to accommodate the strongest applicants who remain on our "select" wait list after we have reached our enrollment goal. All applicants on this list will be offered admission to the subsequent spring or fall term. The only condition is that, for those who attend another college in the interim, we require that they achieve a GPA of at least a 3.0. Last year more than 150 applicants enrolled in the spring term under this program.  It is important to note that space is available each spring semester because a number of students graduate in December, in addition to many students leaving campus to study abroad, conduct research, or participate in our internship and externship programs.


We also offer another program for applicants who are not selected for the wait list but appear to have the potential for success in a competitive academic program. These applicants are offered admission under our "Guaranteed Transfer" program. Those who are selected for this option and complete at least two full-time semesters at another college with at least a 3.0 GPA are automatically granted admission to the College.


Our counseling staff assists students in both programs with course scheduling to ensure that the studies they complete elsewhere are appropriate for their intended major at Geneseo.


Call us with questions about these programs at anytime - we can be reached at 866-245-5211.