Cooperative Engineering allows you to combine studies in liberal arts and sciences with professional preparation in engineering. Candidates enrolled in the cooperative engineering program must major in either physics or chemistry. Upon completion of three full years of study in one of these disciplines, you complete two additional years of study in a selected field of engineering at one of the cooperating engineering schools. Upon completion of studies at one of the schools of engineering, you receive a liberal arts and sciences degree from Geneseo and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from the cooperating institution.


Why the Cooperative Approach

The cooperative approach provides several distinct advantages over direct entry to a school of engineering:

• If you are not totally committed to engineering, you will have the opportunity to explore a number of liberal arts and science programs while maintaining the option to continue your studies in the engineering field. You may delay the decision to pursue engineering for a period of three full years. The decision to complete a four-year degree in liberal arts and sciences or to continue with engineering is made during the junior year;

• The cooperative engineering program emphasizes a broader range of courses and ideas than traditional engineering and combines a strong liberal education with specialized training;

• Since engineering technology is essentially the application of concepts and principles derived from the disciplines of physics, chemistry, and mathematics cooperative engineering students are very well prepared for professional studies;

• Graduates with both a liberal arts and sciences degree and an engineering degree may have a decisive advantage as candidates for employment in engineering as well as in other fields.

Cooperative Institutions

Geneseo has formal cooperative arrangements with Case Western Reserve University, Clarkson University, and Columbia University.These institutions provide you with a range of options for continuing your studies in the engineering field.   Additionally, there are many colleges our students may still do an informal 3-2 program with.  Popular colleges include Alfred University, SUNY BInghamton, SUNY at Buffalo, Syracuse and University of Rochester.