Early Decision

Geneseo participates in a first choice Early Decision Admission program. The program's aim is to reserve positions in the freshman class for candidates who have decided upon Geneseo as their first choice college. In return, students applying under the early decision program commit to enroll at Geneseo if admitted. If you are not offered admission under Early Decision, your application is automatically deferred to regular admission review for re-evaluation. Transfer, EOP and special talent students are not eligible for this program; application deadlines for early decision admission preclude these candidates from participating.

Application Procedures

1. File the Common Application or (SUNY Application with Geneseo SUNY Supplement). 

2. A letter of recommendation from a teacher is required. You may also submit a letter from other sources (i.e. school counselor, coach, employer) if you wish to do so.

3. Statement of Commitment; submit, in long hand, an exact copy of the Statement of Commitment (see below) on the Statement of Commitment form (PDF). Include your signature and your parent or guardian's signature. Please note that your application will not be complete without submission of this form.

Statement of Commitment 
Geneseo is my first-choice College and I wish to have my application considered under the first choice Early Decision plan. I understand that I am committed to accepting an offer of admission if it is extended. I also agree to withdraw all previously filed college applications upon notification of an admission offer from Geneseo, and I will not initiate any new ones.

4. Your parent or guardian is welcome to submit our optional Parent Statement, which gives us a perspective that only those who know you intimately can provide.

5. Optional - If financial aid is a consideration in your choice of college and you choose to apply through the Early Decision program, Geneseo offers its own early financial aid form, the EVFAFSA (PDF). This information must be on file at Geneseo by November 15. If you are admitted, you will receive a tentative award notice in mid-December. In addition, you must file the regular FAFSA when it becomes available in early January. If you choose not to submit an early financial aid form, you are agreeing, if admitted, to attend Geneseo regardless of the eventual financial aid award.


Application deadline                 November 15
Notification of decision             December 15
Payment of tuition deposit        January 15