The mission of the Languages and Literatures Department at Geneseo is to provide a dynamic and challenging environment where knowledge and appreciation of the world's diverse cultures and principal foreign languages are fostered and enriched.

The Department offers a B.A. in both French and Spanish and minors in French, German and Spanish. The Department also coordinates interdisciplinary minors in Central and Eastern European Studies and in Latin American Studies. Various courses are also available in Arabic, Chinese, Italian Japanese, Latin (not currently offered due to staffing issues) and Russian.

Program options leading to provisional New York State certification (N-6 and 7-12) and to the M.S. degree for teachers of French and Spanish are also available. The Department provides you with a well-rounded liberal arts background which exposes you to the major disciplines. The Department also ensures that you gain competency in the target language and familiarity with the literature, history and culture of the civilization in question. All advanced courses are conducted entirely in the target language.


Program Requirements
Prospective language majors should have at least three years' preparation in the chosen foreign language in high school. Where such is not the case, supplementary work may be recommended.

• Bachelor of Arts Degree: Students who wish to major in French and Spanish must complete, in addition to the liberal arts core, 30 hours of courses in the target language at the advanced level. Specific courses are selected in consultation with members of the Department.

In addition to prescribed courses in French and Spanish, at least a four-course sequence in a second foreign language is highly recommended.

Students who declare French or Spanish as their first major are also required to complete an exit writing exam in their target language and are encouraged to complete an optional Oral Proficiency Interview-a standardized, internationally recognized procedure administered by the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) designed to assess functional speaking ability in the target language.

• Certification in Elementary Education (N-6):
Requirements for New York State provisional certification include the completion of the Bachelor of Arts degree and approximately 16 professional preparation courses (including the student teaching practicum). The opportunity for student teaching in bilingual programs is available.

• Certification in Secondary Education (7-12):
Requirements for New York State provisional certification include the completion of the Bachelor of Arts degree, approximately ten professional preparation courses (including the student teaching practicum) and the completion of ACTFL's Oral Proficiency Interview at the Intermediate-High level or higher.

• Minor in Foreign Language: A minimum of six courses in French, German or Spanish at the advanced level are required for a minor.


Overseas Study
More than 30 overseas study programs are available to students who wish to study French, German, Spanish, or any of the languages offered by the Department. The programs are coordinated by State University of New York Offices of International Programs, including SUNY Geneseo's. Opportunities to study abroad are available for one semester, one academic year or during the summer session or winter intersession. Geneseo currently offers its own exchange programs in France, Spain, and Costa Rica; foreign study through these programs is completely integrated with your regular degree program, and all credits are transferable. The Department also coordinates programs that complement the degrees it offers, such as Humanities courses in the Czech Republic and Paris, Spanish language courses in Peru, and international service learning and internship opportunities in Nicaragua and Peru. To assist with expenses, the Department offers two annual scholarships for deserving students to study in France or a Spanish-speaking country.

For additional information about overseas study programs, contact the College´s Office of International Programs.