The Department of Geography at Geneseo is noted for its commitment to education, community service, faculty and student research, and the preparation for graduate study and professional life. The geography major prepares graduates for careers in both the public and private sectors; over half of the Department's alumni pursue graduate school in one of many fields of study in geography.


The Program

The major in geography incorporates a wide range of required and elective course work. Your program of study includes traditional physical-environmental and human-cultural courses. In addition, course work is selected from regional, topical and technical courses.


Regional courses in geography consider interconnected and changing patterns and processes in a particular area of the world. At Geneseo, special emphasis is given to regional study of Latin America, North America, Africa, Asia, and the Developing World.


Topical courses involve a single aspect of the environment or society that focuses on general characteristics of universal or widespread importance. Examples of topical courses include climatology, conservation, and urban, historical, cultural, and political geography.


Techniques courses focus on skills and their practical applications. Geneseo offers courses in cartography, geographic information systems (GIS), field methods, and quantitative analysis.


You are also encouraged to supplement your classroom experience through internships, study abroad opportunities in Latin America and Canada, pre-professional summer employment, directed study projects, field work, and collaborative student-faculty research. For specific information regarding course descriptions, refer to our Undergraduate Bulletin or visit the Geography Department website.


Study Options and Minors

In addition to the major, the Department provides academic minors in Geography, Environmental Studies and Urban Studies. Geography majors may also receive provisional certification in childhood or adolescent education. Many geography majors also pursue a double major.