Name: Katherine Zaslavsky
Hometown: Endwell, NY
Music Performance/Psychology Minor: Mathematics
Activities: Fundraising Coordinator for Residence Hall Council, Theatre Productions, Geneseo Symphony Orchestra and Wind Ensemble, member of Undergraduate Student Association Election Committee
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Why did you choose Geneseo?
I was undeclared when I applied to college and I wanted to attend a college where I could count on a great education no matter what field I decided to pursue.

What is your favorite food on the dining hall menu?
French Fries. Absolutely.

Who is your favorite Geneseo professor?
Professor Tiller and Dr. Filice - You can tell when a teacher really cares about his work and is committed to helping students. These men are!

What are your plans after Geneseo?
I would like to go to graduate school for psychology and I'm looking into continuing music in anyway possible.