Name: Katherine Zaslavsky
Hometown: Endwell, NY
Music Performance/Sociology
Activities: Undergraduate Research, Teaching Assistant, Instrumental Ensembles, Concerto and Recital Soloist, President and Founder of Cadenza Music Club, Student Manager of Music Department, CURCS (Connecting Universities to Rochester City Schools) Mentorship Program
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Why did you choose Geneseo?
I was undeclared when I applied to college and I wanted to attend a college where I could count on a great education no matter what field I decided to pursue.

What is your favorite food on the dining hall menu?
French Fries. Absolutely.

Who is your favorite Geneseo professor?
Professor Tiller and Dr. Filice - You can tell when a teacher really cares about his work and is committed to helping students. These men are!

What are your plans after Geneseo?
I would like to go to graduate school for psychology and I'm looking into continuing music in anyway possible.