Liesel ZimmermanName: Liesel Zimmerman
Hometown: Niagara Falls, NY
English Minor: Legal Studies
Activities: Resident Assistant, Serving Team Member of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Small Group (Bible Study) Leader, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-law Fraternity, Cheerleading, Gospel Choir, GSTV, Swing Dance Club
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Why did you choose Geneseo?
My experience as an overnight student showed me just how wonderful Geneseo is. I was able to see the amazing opportunties this school has to offer from a stuent's point of view. I felt right at home and even made friendships that last to this day!

What is your favorite food on the dining hall menu?
Tacos from Fusion Market

Who is your favorite Geneseo professor?
Professor Gillin - He is extremely knowledgeable and engaging. He has a wonderful sense of humor and always makes the material enjoyable.

What are your plans after Geneseo?
Attend Law School and eventually practice either Adoption Law, Disability Law, or law pertaining to Human Trafficking.