Philosophy is for the curious, for those who find sympathy with the following lines by David Hume: "I cannot forbear having a curiosity to be acquainted with the principles of moral good and evil, the nature and foundation of government, and the cause of those several passions and inclinations, which actuate and govern me. I am uneasy to think I approve of one object, and disapprove of another; call one thing beautiful and another deformed; decide concerning truth and falsehood, reason and folly, without knowing on what principles I proceed."

Philosophy is for the practical, for those who see the power of being able to read critically, to write in a way which is both intelligible and interesting, to evaluate proposals and the reasons behind them, to think imaginatively and creatively, and to approach problems from novel points of view. Philosophy prepares you for a world in which change is expected. In course after course, philosophy exercises and develops skills necessary to a successful career.

The Philosophy Major
We believe it is important for you to gain a broad, liberating education. To this end, we have constructed a program that allows you a great deal of exploration outside the major. Our major consists of 30 credit hours in philosophy, 21 hours of which are specified and include:

Phil 111 Introduction to Logic
Phil 205 Ancient Philosophy
Phil 207 Modern Philosophy
Phil 330 Ethical Theory
Phil 340 Theory of Knowledge
Phil 355 Metaphysics
Phil 397 Seminar (Topic) OR
Phil 398 (Philosopher)
Nine additional hours in philosophy are required, no more than three of which can be at the 100 level.

The minor in philosophy requires 18 credit hours including:

Phil 111 Introduction to Logic
Six hours in philosophy at either the 200 or 300 level. However, a minimum of three of these hours must be at the 300 level.

In addition to the courses outlined for the major and minor in philosophy, the Department offers over 25 different courses for you to select.