The field of psychology is wide-ranging; virtually any aspect of human behavior and development can be viewed from a psychological perspective. Psychologists work in many different settings, including colleges and universities, government agencies, schools, businesses, and clinics, and do a variety of jobs, from teaching to counseling to conducting research.


The Psychology Department at Geneseo aims to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of the scientific discipline of psychology, opportunities for practical experience, and growth in the understanding of self and others. The Department emphasizes excellence in teaching and active student involvement in scientific empirical research and applied internships.

The Undergraduate Program
The bachelor's degree program in psychology at Geneseo is designed to permit flexibility and encourage exploration within the field of psychology and across other academic disciplines. Emphasizing the scientific foundations of psychology, the major includes solid preparation in research and statistical methods, exposure to four basic content areas of psychology (biological bases of behavior, cognition and perception, social/personality, and developmental psychology), and room for electives to suit individual needs and interests.

Electives offered by the Psychology Department include such courses as Abnormal Psychology, Psychology of Happiness, Sports and Exercise Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis, Educational Psychology, Human Sexual Behavior, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Health Psychology, Psychology of Women, Clinical Psychology, Psychological Testing, and Cross-Cultural Psychology. During the senior year, all students take a seminar-style advanced research course that allows intensive exploration of a particular research topic.

Geneseo psychology majors are encouraged to pursue a minor, chosen from any of the major academic disciplines or from the interdisciplinary minors offered by the College. Minors often provide additional training and intellectual background useful for careers and graduate study.

Geneseo offers a wide range of interdisciplinary minors. The Human Development minor combines course work in psychology, sociology, anthropology, and biology to explore various aspects of child, adolescent, and adult development; it is especially appropriate for students interested in teaching, counseling, or other human service careers. The Cognitive Science minor introduces students to an interdisciplinary field that ranges across the disciplines of computer science, linguistics, philosophy, and psychology. The minor is excellent preparation for students planning to pursue graduate work in experimental psychology or human factors, among other areas. The Women's Studies minor examines the issues surrounding women's roles in today's world, drawing on courses from departments across the social studies and humanities. Other interdisciplinary minors often chosen by psychology majors include Environmental Studies, Latin American Studies, Legal Studies, Linguistics, Public Administration, and Urban Studies.