Sociology, the study of society, group life, and human interaction, uses scientific and humanistic approaches to explore the many aspects of social life. At Geneseo, your discovery of family relationships, urban life, political institutions, mass communication, and social change will heighten your awareness of the field.

Sociology is a valuable major for students planning careers in social research, counseling and social work, criminal justice, population studies, business, and market research. In addition, the program provides you with a strong preparation for graduate studies in law, community planning, public administration, criminology, and labor studies.

The sociology major at Geneseo is designed to maximize your career options upon graduation while maintaining the value and discipline of a liberal arts education. All sociology majors should strongly consider attending graduate school, either in sociology or in a related area of specialization. Geneseo's sociology program provides you with an excellent preparation for graduate study. For specific information regarding course requirements, please refer to our Undergraduate Bulletin or visit the Sociology Department website.


Related Minors
Sociology majors who wish to specialize in a certain area may do so by completing an interdisciplinary minor. Minor areas of study can better prepare you for either graduate school or employment directly after graduation.

Environmental Studies gives you the opportunity to study the environment from a number of academic disciplines. The program focuses on the nature of the environment and on human relationships to the environment.

Human Development
is the study of the progression through the life cycle. It is particularly useful if you are interested in working with age-specific populations such as children or aging adults.

Legal Studies
can help you consider and prepare for a career in law and in law-related fields including criminal justice and public policy.

Urban Studies
offers you a concentration in social science applied to urban issues. It can be used for service planning, policy development, and local government administration.

Women's Studies
provides an understanding of women and the barriers they have faced throughout history in both the United States and other cultures. It prepares you for graduate work in women's studies as well as careers in personnel, affirmative action, and counseling with women clients.