Transfer Admission Criteria

As a transfer applicant, you will be considered for admission to Geneseo based on several criteria, which include:

  • Rigor of college coursework completed
  • Appropriateness of the courses in relation to intended major
  • Grade point average in courses related to your intended major
  • Cumulative grade point average

The most successful admission candidates present a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

If you are applying to the Schools of Business or Education, admission tends to be more competitive, due to limited positions available. If you are admitted to a program in either school, you must complete a separate application that would be sent to you at the time of admission.   Additionally, if you have completed fewer than 24 credits you will be considered for admission to the College as a “pre” business or education major for one semester. After you finish your first semester at Geneseo, you would then complete the application for your specific business or education major.

Finally, if you are applying for our Biology major, you will be considered a "pre" biology major until you have achieved a combined C+ average or better in your first two required Biology lecture courses at Geneseo.