The Environmental Studies Program at Geneseo is an interdisciplinary minor coordinated by the Department of Geography in cooperation with the departments of Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English, Geology, History, Political Science, Psychology, Philosophy and Sociology. Environmental Studies examines, from an interdisciplinary perspective, the role of humans on the earth. The program offers you flexibility to combine your interests in environmental issues with any major area of study at the College. The minor addresses the nature of the environment, human relationship to the environment, today's environmental problems, as well as proposed solutions.

The Environmental Studies Program approaches environmental problems from the perspectives of the natural sciences, the social sciences and the humanities. The natural sciences provide fundamental scientific principles, models, and concepts related to the functioning of the natural world; the social sciences show how humans and their institutions interact with the natural world; and, the humanities build an understanding of how value systems and perceptions, as well as history, govern human relationships with nature.

In the interchange of ideas and approaches fostered by this multi-disciplinary approach, grows an understanding of the complexity of environmental problems and the range of challenges faced in attempting to address environmental issues.

For more information visit the College Bulletin and the Environmental Studies Minor website.