What Our Graduates Are Doing

Connor Burgevin 
Teacher | Graduated in 2013

I first came to SUNY Geneseo in the fall of 2009.

Patrick Raitt 
Director, Foundation Relations AARP & AARP Foundation | Graduated in 1999

Since I graduated in '99, I have had the honor of working in a variety of positions at leading nonprofits including AARP & AARP Foundation, National Wildlife Federation, and the Ocean Conservancy. As a fundraising professional, I have worked on issues including overfishing, climate change, early childhood literacy, and senior hunger. I have held positions from entry level to management.

Danielle Sicari 
Attorney | Graduated in 1996

I graduated from St. John's University School of Law in 2000, and since then, I have worked with various offices across Long Island.

Lauren R.D. Fox  
Journalist  | Graduated in 2011

In Fall 2007, I entered Geneseo as a History major. Although it was an intriguing discipline, I didn’t feel excited about the classes I had to take.

Emily Brown 
Executive Assistant/Social Worker | Graduated in 2008

To be honest, I declared a major in English because I like to read and write, figuring I would probably change majors at some point once I had a more firm career goal. That never happened, in part because I found I immensely enjoyed the English classes I took at Geneseo, and I graduated with a B.A. in English Literature and a minor in Psychology.

Jill Capewell 
Entertainment Copy Editor, Huffington Post | Graduated in 2010

The best thing about Geneseo's small size was the relative lack of intimidation I felt going to an information session for the Lamron, the student newspaper.

Kate Harlin 
PhD Student at U of Missouri | Graduated in 2012

After Geneseo, I spent a year back on Long Island working in a small marketing firm, and applying to graduate schools. Marketing was not for me, and I really missed being in a classroom, so despite some gentle advice from some of my beloved Geneseo professors about the miserable job market landscape, I went all-in and applied to MA and PhD programs across the country.

Marissa Fariello 
Financial Services Assistant | Graduated in 2011

Me? Work in finance?

If someone had told me at graduation I would someday work in finance — and like it- — that would have been my response (with some laughter and perturbed facial expressions thrown in).


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