Amanda Scull (Senft) |  Graduated in 2010

Access Services Librarian

Posted on Mon, 16 Sep, 2013

I majored in English Literature at Geneseo because my parents encouraged me to choose a major I enjoyed — and I did enjoy every minute I spent in Welles without giving much thought to a career beyond graduation. It wasn't until a visit to Trinity College in Ireland, completing a Major Authors course on W.B. Yeats with Rachel Hall and Robert Doggett the summer before my senior year, that I found myself admiring the beautiful library that is the Long Room. Rachel asked if I had considered a Master's degree in Library Science. Honestly, I had no idea there was such a thing! But when we got home I started seriously researching it, and I realized that a career in academic libraries and/or special collections really suited my interests and skills.

I completed my MLS at Syracuse University in 2012 and am now living in Brattleboro, Vermont, where I am the Access Services Librarian at the SIT Graduate Institute and an Adjunct Librarian at Keene State College. I'm so glad that I majored in English at Geneseo, because I didn't feel pigeonholed into one career track the way that I might have in another major — there are so many places you can go with an English degree. The foundation of reading critically, writing well and expressing ideas coherently, and analyzing works in a group setting, prepared me well for my graduate studies and my career.


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