Amanda Gitomer |  Graduated in 2007

Social Worker

Posted on Sat, 17 Aug, 2013

I graduated from SUNY Geneseo in May 2007.  I am a proud English major and still have many of my Geneseo English Major shirts that I wear on occasion.  I majored in English and Spanish and minored in Psychology and Sociology when I was a student at Geneseo.  The majority of the classes I took were in the English Department and focused on social justice issues and race, gender, sexual orientation, and equality.  The most important lesson I took away from my classes was the need to work for social justice.  I was very sad to graduate because I was so happy at Geneseo and attached to the people I met there.  After I left Geneseo, I went to Thailand for a year where I taught English to Thai second and third grade students. When I came back to the states, I went to graduate school at SUNY Albany School of Social Work.  After I got my Masters in Social Work in 2010, I started working as a foster care counselor for Youth Villages in Memphis, TN.  After two years of being a foster care counselor, I became a group home counselor for the same non-profit agency.  I work as a counselor helping youth who are separated from their families due to issues of abuse and neglect and try to help them achieve permanency. I am now engaged to another former English major, who went to the University of Mississippi.  She uses her English Degree to teach middle school reading.  We have a son who is 5 years old and a house just outside Memphis.  Your English degree can take you wherever you want to go.


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