Jennifer Estleford |  Graduated in 2010


Posted on Wed, 2 Oct, 2013

     I have known since a young age that I wanted to be a lawyer, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to major in for undergraduate school.  When I was in high school someone told me the best thing to major in before law school is something you are good at and enjoy; this turned out to be the best advice!  I had always enjoyed reading, but one of my English teachers senior year of high school made me remember how much I loved literature by allowing us to choose many of the novels we read.  Thanks to her, I chose English literature as a major.  (Sidenote: Mrs. Day may have created a monster, because I am constantly reading while I long for the days I was an English literature major — when books were constantly thrown at me!) 

     After I left Geneseo, I spent three years at SUNY Buffalo Law School.  In May 2013 I graduated with a J.D. and a criminal concentration.  I now live in Charlotte, North Carolina where I sat for the July 2013 bar exam and passed!

     Being an English major allowed me to pursue a passion but also has helped me in my career.  Writing and analysis are important in law school and in work as an attorney; grammar and brevity are highly valued in the legal field.  The most important thing I learned as an English major was to manage my time.

     My advice to current English majors is to make connections and enjoy being an English major!


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