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Connor Burgevin  | Teacher | Graduated in 2013

I first came to SUNY Geneseo in the fall of 2009.

Jesse Goldberg  | Ph.D. Student in English at Cornell University | Graduated in 2012

I came to Geneseo declared as an English major with the intention of earning an Adolescent Education certification through the School of Education so I could be a high school English teacher. While my interest in English as a field of study preceded my arrival at Geneseo, my understanding of just what “English” is as a field of study changed throughout my four years, and as this change was happening, I also decided to slightly shift my career goals.

Kara Johnson  | 4th Grade Teacher | Graduated in 2013

As a senior in high school looking for a strong interdisciplinary background in the liberal arts and sciences with a focus on English literature, taught by incredibly diverse faculty, I found Geneseo's English department a natural fit.  Over the course of my time as an English major, I pursued not only English literature with an American Studies minor, but also a New York State certification to teach middle school and high school students.

Edward Kemnitzer  | Executive Assistant for Technology Integration of Curriculum | Graduated in 2001

As I begin my fifteenth year in education, having served as an English teacher, Dean of Students, Curriculum Associate for English Language Arts, assistant principal, and now Executive Assistant for Technology Integration of Curriculum Support and Development for the Massapequa Public Schools, I often reflect on what has truly contributed to my success.  At the core of my development is the teaching and learning that heightened my knowledge as an English major at SUNY Geneseo. Geneseo has tattooed everything that I accomplish.  I wear that badge with pride.

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater  | Author and Writing Teacher | Graduated in 1992

As a little girl, I wrote in big letters in a gingham diary and pretended to teach my dog to read.  At forty-three, my life is, happily, much the same.

Tracy Strauss  | Faculty, New England Conservatory of Music | Graduated in 1996

With a love for writing and literature, I arrived at SUNY Geneseo as a declared freshman English major. I’d been involved with my high school newspaper as both a writer and editor, and thought I might want to pursue a career in journalism, though I was also interested in creative writing. Over my four years as a Geneseo student, so many of my experiences fostered my interests and exposed me to a variety of avenues. I had a passion for “becoming” a writer, but I had no idea when I was an undergraduate that, along the way, I’d also become a college writing professor.