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Ashaki Charles  | Major Gifts Officer, Teachers College, Columbia University | Graduated in 2000

My major was undeclared when I arrived as a first year student at Geneseo in 1996 with no concrete decision regarding a career path.  Rather than focusing on my state of indecision, I kept an open mind and took classes that were of interest to me. I also took classes with faculty that challenged me to think critically and eventually found myself taking every class offered by Professors Beth McCoy and Maria Lima!

Marc DiPaolo  | Assistant Prof. of English & Film, Oklahoma City University | Graduated in 1997

I wanted to write the fourth greatest vampire tale of all time - after Dracula, Carmilla, and I am Legend - so I thought that majoring in English and studying Catholic theology as a Medieval Studies minor at Geneseo would give me the background I needed to pull off this great achievement (as well as help me understand my Italian heritage better). I was partly right. After graduation, I spent 18 months as a reporter working for The Staten Island Advance.

Carey Gibbons  | Reference Assistant | Graduated in 2002

I struggled at first in declaring a major at SUNY Geneseo. I was drawn to English lit., especially plays, but I had no idea what I was going to do with an English major. My love of Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde won out, and I graduated with a degree in English in 2002. Part of what I loved about Geneseo was that in taking all of the general education classes outside the English major, I learned that there was plenty I could do with an English degree in a variety of fields. I went on to study playwriting at Western Michigan University and graduated with an MFA in 2005.

Ann Nicodemi  | Director, Donald F. Andrews College Writing Center | Graduated in 2008

I always knew that I wanted to major in English. What that meant professionally, though, I hadn’t quite figured out when I started coursework at Geneseo.  Like many of my classmates, I assumed I would eventually become a high school English teacher. One semester, however, I took a course on James Joyce not knowing a thing about him except for the fact that he was an Irish author. I thought the course would pair nicely with the Irish history course I was also planning to take that semester. During this class, I realized I aspired to more than just being an English major.

Amanda Scull (Senft)  | Access Services Librarian | Graduated in 2010

I majored in English Literature at Geneseo because my parents encouraged me to choose a major I enjoyed — and I did enjoy every minute I spent in Welles without giving much thought to a career beyond graduation. It wasn't until a visit to Trinity College in Ireland, completing a Major Authors course on W.B. Yeats with Rachel Hall and Robert Doggett the summer before my senior year, that I found myself admiring the beautiful library that is the Long Room. Rachel asked if I had considered a Master's degree in Library Science. Honestly, I had no idea there was such a thing!

Alyssa Stefanese  | Assistant Hall Director for Living-Learning Communities  | Graduated in 2015

I decided to major in English because I have always had a true love of literature, been an avid reader, and wanted to explore these passions in an academically rigorous setting. Intentionally in my undergraduate career, I believed that my English major would prepare me to attend law school in pursuit of a career in educational law. However, I knew deep down that my enthusiastic and sympathetic personality was more inclined to educational activities than legal ones.