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Amy Elizabeth Bishop  | Financial Assistant  | Graduated in 2015

I think I always knew I was going to be an English major — even though I deviated for a semester into International Relations. Even beyond my love for reading and writing, studying English gave me the chance to explore worlds and participate in literary conversations linked to larger social commentary.  In the Creative Writing track, I fell in love with the precision of language and deepening of craft; the tightness of poetry and well-rounded short story.

Patricia Bottcher  | Senior Publishing Coordinator | Graduated in 2001

I majored in English at SUNY Geneseo because I loved literature and language as a way of connecting people and transcending barriers. I considered other majors (those traditionally considered to lead to more lucrative career paths), but my passion and interest--as well as the brilliance and talent of the English department professors--made it impossible for me to declare, and commit to, another major. I have never been happier to have made that choice.

Jill Capewell  | Entertainment Copy Editor, Huffington Post | Graduated in 2010

The best thing about Geneseo's small size was the relative lack of intimidation I felt going to an information session for the Lamron, the student newspaper. I had little journalism experience at the time (definitely did not know what AP style was) but sort of felt like, "If I don't write this Features article, who will?" Of course, the paper wasn't made or not based on whatever events I covered that week, but feeling like I had an impact and seeing my name in print made me want to continue.

Ava Russell  | Editorial Assistant | Graduated in 2014

I started at Geneseo knowing I wanted to study English literature, but with little direction as to what sort of career path I wanted to pursue. Through classes as well as taking advantage of other opportunities – several internships, tutoring at the Writing Learning Center, and editing for The Lamron – I gained skills and confidence as an editor and decided to pursue editing professionally.

Alanna Smith  | Assistant Editor at Marvel Comics | Graduated in 2012

At Geneseo, I majored in English (creative writing path) with a minor in studio art. I also worked as a writer, cartoonist, and editor at the Lamron.

I'm a writer in my free time, and since graduating my plays have been produced three times and I also had a short film produced through a Tongal contest. I'm currently working on a YA fantasy novel and another play.