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Lauren R.D. Fox   | Journalist  | Graduated in 2011

In Fall 2007, I entered Geneseo as a History major. Although it was an intriguing discipline, I didn’t feel excited about the classes I had to take.

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater  | Author and Writing Teacher | Graduated in 1992

As a little girl, I wrote in big letters in a gingham diary and pretended to teach my dog to read.  At forty-three, my life is, happily, much the same.

Kate Royal  | Playwright | Graduated in 2013

I entered Geneseo in 2009 with the plan to earn an English Literature degree, go on to get my Masters in teaching, and become a high school English teacher. When I graduated in 2013, I had earned a Theatre/English degree and am heading toward a Masters in playwriting and screenwriting. It may not seem like the most significant change in track, but it certainly felt it at the time.  

Tracy Strauss  | Faculty, New England Conservatory of Music | Graduated in 1996

With a love for writing and literature, I arrived at SUNY Geneseo as a declared freshman English major. I’d been involved with my high school newspaper as both a writer and editor, and thought I might want to pursue a career in journalism, though I was also interested in creative writing. Over my four years as a Geneseo student, so many of my experiences fostered my interests and exposed me to a variety of avenues. I had a passion for “becoming” a writer, but I had no idea when I was an undergraduate that, along the way, I’d also become a college writing professor.