Becoming a Tutor - FAQ


Q. What opportunities are available?

We offer 2 basic types of opportunities.

  • Volunteer at the Kidstart preschool program.  This is located at 5871 Groveland Station Road (about 3 miles from campus).  Children represent traditional daycare, headstart, and special services.  Volunteers play with the children to help them develop their language skills.  Any major may participate.  We ask for 1-4 hours of volunteering per week, and we ask students to keep a steady schedule throughout the semester.  You do need to provide your own transportation, but we can schedule you at the same time as a friend if you wish to carpool. 
  • Tutors are sent to local elementary schools to tutor reading and math in the classroom.  Tutors participating in this program are typically education majors. Tutors work directly with classroom teachers in developing lessons for the students.  To participate, students must have taken ANY of the following:  CURR 213, CURR 313, MATH 140, MATH 141, SPED 366, or CDSC 310.  You must also be able to provide your own transportation to the schools.  Tutors who meet these requirements and are also found to have room for a workstudy assignment, may be paid for their tutoring.  Students who have taken the proper courses and have transportation but do not meet workstudy eligibility may choose to volunteer at Geneseo Central if positions are available.  In this program we ask for 2-6 hours of tutoring per week, split between 2 days. 

Q. What benefits are there in becoming a tutor in the America Reads or America Counts programs?

  • share a love of reading or math with a child
  • connect with the off-campus community
  • gain skills that improve your resume
  • have a fun and challenging experience
  • make a difference in a child's life

Q. With what grade levels will I be working?

Our tutors are placed in grade levels pre-K through 6th grade. We will not place a tutor in a grade level he or she is not comfortable tutoring. Please let us know your preferences and we will do our best to find a good match.

Q. How many children will I be working with?

This is up to the discretion of the classroom teacher. Some will prefer you to work one-on-one and some will prefer that you work in small groups. You will not have to teach an entire class.

Q. Will I be tutoring subjects other than reading or math?

No. If you are an America Reads tutor, you should only be tutoring in reading and literacy. If you an America Counts tutor, you should only be tutoring children in math.  Volunteers at Kidstart will be playing with children rather than offering direct tutoring.

Q. Is there work involved outside of the classroom?

There is no outside involvement for Kidstart volunteers.  Those in the elementary classrooms are asked to attend meetings to discuss the program.  We also strongly encourage spending some time outside of the classroom in preparation for your tutoring sessions.

Q. What school districts are involved?

We have placements at the following schools: Geneseo elementary, Livonia Primary, Livonia Intermediate, Mount Morris, Avon Central, Dansville Primary, Dansville Intermediate, Dansville Middle School, and Kidstart (pre-K in Groveland or Dansville).  We will work to help find you an appropriate placement that fits your schedule.  We cannot guarantee a placement to anyone.

Q. How do I get to my placement?

You are responsible for your own transportation. You must have consistent access to reliable transportation to participate off site.  If you know someone who is participating, we can try to schedule you at the same times and location for carpooling puposes.

Q. How do I get involved?

Contact Volunteer Center at 245-5893,