Anth 320 - Archaeological Field School
Summer 2005

Class Hours: M-F 8:00 A.M. — 4:30 P.M.
Instructor: Dr. Paul J. Pacheco
Office: 13 D Sturges Hall Phone: #245-5275 Home: #245-9506 Office Hours: by appointment
e-mail address:

Description and Objectives
In this course we will learn basic field methods in archaeology and embark on a field trip to visit important Middle Woodland sites in Ohio. The course is primarily designed for anthropology students and/or those students interested in pursuing archaeological fieldwork as either a career or life experience. The course emphasizes hands-on learning, which will be facilitated by several exercises and a small field project located in proximity to campus. Students will be graded on participation, engagement with the culture history we experience, willingness to try new things, a journal documenting your notes and observations, and either a written or oral examination to test understanding of methods and cultural history. By the end of the course students will have training in the following areas:
basic excavation and surveying techniques (and operation of associated equipment)
stratigraphic analysis
record keeping and data processing during archaeological fieldwork
horizontal (plan) and vertical (profile) mapping techniques
local and regional culture history
implementation and creation of research design

Learning Outcomes
Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of archaeological methods through class discussion and demonstration of these methods in a field setting.
Students will demonstrate comprehension of culture history through class discussion and either a written or oral examination.
Students will encounter important moral and ethical issues in the study of human prehistory through visits to destroyed and now restored Middle Woodland burial mounds and earthworks which were excavated by archaeological treasure seeking expeditions conducted before the 1930's.

The following textbook is optional, but strongly recommended for the course, especially for those interested in pursuing archaeology as a career choice. Other reading assignments may be made available to the students through the instructor during the course.
Hester, Thomas R. et al.
1997 Field Methods in Archaeology (Seventh Edition). Mayfield Publishing Company ISBN # 1-55934-799-6

Class Requirements
Your grade is based primarily on your participation and willingness to experience the various archaeological methods you will be exposed to during the course. Oral examination of your understanding of field methods and culture history will be administered during the course. Your notebooks will be collected and graded on day three of the Ohio trip. Participation and punctuality are absolutely essential in this course. If for any reason you will not be able to attend any portion of the course or anticipate being late for an activity you should contact the course instructor immediately.
Each student is required to supply the following list of personal equipment/supplies for the course: raingear, sun screen, anti-bug juice, light boots, a mechanical pencil with eraser, and a composition notebook (with grid blocks instead of lines), and lunches . The following items are recommended: gloves, a camera,.light pants, a hat, and a drawing compass. During the fieldtrip to Ohio you will be required to provide $ for lodging and food. It is important to pack lightly for this trip, as we will be limited in the amount of space available in the university van.

Grade:    Participation and Punctuality (50%), Methods (20%), Notebook (30%)

Class Schedule
Week    Dates    To is
One    5/17-5/21    Lab Exercises, Begin Field Work
Two    5/24-5/28    Field Work
Three    6/1-6/4    Field Work (Note No Class 5/31)
Four    6/7-6/11    Field Trip to Ohio
Rain Outs: Determination of weather conditions will be made everyday by 7:00 A.M.. You will be contacted with instructions for the day. Activities for rain days will vary between lab work and fieldtrips.