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Jennifer Guzmán

Visiting Assistant Professor

of Anthropology

Bailey 108
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454

 Dr. Guzman

Jennifer Guzmán has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 2014

Faculty Information


  • Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles
  • M.A. University of California, Davis
  • B.A. University of Notre Dame

Research Interests

Dr. Guzmán conducts research at the intersection of linguistic and medical anthropology. Her research in Chile and the United States examines provider-patient communication across a range of conventional, CAM/IM, and indigenous medical paradigms. Dr. Guzmán’s theoretical and methodological interests include:
  • Speaking rights and speaking obligations in medical settings
  • The epistemics of illness experience
  • The cultural constitution of clinical reality
  • Medicina intercultural / cross-cultural medicine
  • The ethnography of communication
  • Conversation analysis for the study of talk in institutional settings

    Publications and Professional Activities

    • 2014 Guzmán, JR. The Epistemics of Symptom Experience and Symptom Accounts in Mapuche Healing and Pediatric Primary Care in Southern Chile. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 24(3):249-276.
    • 2014 Tarn, DM, JR Guzmán, JS Good, NS Wenger, ID Coulter, DA Paterniti. Provider and Patient Expectations for Dietary Supplement Discussions. Journal of General Internal Medicine 29(9):1242–9.
    • 2013 Guzmán, JR. Review: Scripting Addiction. S. E. Carr. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 23(2):E102-E104.
  • Fall 2016 Classes

    ANTH 120:
    S/Language & Culture

      An introduction to language as a part of culture and culture as a part of language. Topics include language and humanity, lexicon and cultural values, language acquisition and socialization, language
      and thought, and language as a means of communication and social discourse. Attention is called to the empirical and theoretical inspirations of language study for the study of culture and cross-cultural analysis. Offered every fall
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    ANTH 231:

      This course examines the intimate relationship between language and society. It will study micro-sociolinguistics, i.e., the way conversation correlates with social variables (class, gender, ethnicity
      , and education). The course will also focus on macro-sociolinguistics, i.e., linguistic engineering and language attitudes. Contemporary issues such as bilingualism, biculturalism, ethnic linguistic conflicts, and educational policies will be explored. Prerequisites: ANTH 120 or permission of instructor. Offered every fall
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    ANTH 314:
    Top-Linguistics:Lang ofHealing

      This course explores major issues of topical or theoretical importance in linguistic anthropology. The variety of rotating or one-time topics in linguistics reflect topics of general interest or impor
      tance and/or the interests and needs of students, and/or the research expertise of faculty members. May be taken twice under different subtitles. Prerequisites: ANTH 120 or permission of the instructor. Offered fall, even years
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