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Geneseo Anthropological Association

What Is the Geneseo Anthropological Association?
The Anthropology Club at SUNY Geneseo provides a unique opportunity for students to socialize and share anthropological interests outside of the classroom setting.

What Does the Anthropology Club Do?

Many programs are available for the undergraduate. The State University of New York system, itself, offers fine programs at various areas throughout the world. Study abroad programs are of varying lengths. Many are for academic years or semesters, while some are summer or vacation programs. On all programs college credit can be earned.

Why You Should Join Us

Requirements for Membership
Anthropology Club is open to all anthropology majors, minors and all students with interests in anthropology, and who have an active interest in club activities.

For More Information
Watch for signs of the next the Club president contact the Club the Department Secretary.

Lambda Alpha

What Is The Lambda Alpha?
Lambda Alpha is the National Honor Society in Anthropology. It was founded for the purpose of encouraging, stimulating and maintaining excellence in scholarship and advancing the field of Anthropology.

The Anthropology Department at Geneseo was granted the Epsilon Chapter of Lambda Alpha in 1990. The Honor Society has since striven to recognize the academic achievements of Geneseo Anthropology students. It has enriched the Anthropology program at Geneseo by supporting activities that enhance academic life within the field of Anthropology.

What does Lambda Alpha do at Geneseo?

Lambda Alpha's annual activities include organizing an induction for new members and sponsoring colloquia during the academic year. Aside the inductions and colloquia, Lambda Alpha's activities depend upon the desires of the membership.

Why should you join Lambda Alpha?

Requirements for the Epsilon Chapter of Lambda Alpha

The local chapter of Lambda Alpha at Geneseo is open to all second semester juniors and all seniors who satisfy the following requirements:
Bailey 153
SUNY Geneseo
Geneseo, NY 14454

Prospective Students

Current Students