AOP Alumni Connection for Excellence (ACE)

Research in both educational settings and in the workplace indicates that students and employees alike are more likely to succeed if they have had a mentor. Although mentors are useful for everyone, sometimes organizations implement mentoring programs to support particular parts of their populations, often newer employees (or in our case new students). And while mentoring programs are always set up with the best of intentions, their results are often mixed. The goal of this mentoring program, however, is to assist students with developing the skills necessary to make the most effective use of mentoring opportunities both in their academic as well as in their personal and professional lives.  The ACE participants are eager to assist you through this developmental process and are willing to provide you with some sound advice regarding many of the academic and/or social choices that can play a crucial role in your future success.

Please note that all members of ACE are Geneseo alumni who have experienced similar cultural, social, academic and/or personal adjustments as many of you.  The joy of their mentoring, however, will be not only to explain how they did it, but to ensure you that you too can accomplish your short term goal of completing your education at SUNY Geneseo. 

Any suggestions and/or feedback on how we can continue to improve the connection program would be greatly appreciated and welcomed! On behalf of the AOP department, we look forward to the journey that we will embark upon with each other, and we hope that the connections you make here will springboard your overall success as a student at SUNY Geneseo.


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