Welcome tutors!

Below you will find links to the information you will need to effectly assist the students you are paired to work with. Information on how to become an AOP Peer Tutor can be found at the bottom of the page under the New Applicants heading. Please read everything carefully and ask as many questions as you need to ask! We can be contacted via:

aoptutoring@geneseo.edu or contact

Mr. Thomas Chew, AOP Tutoring Coordinator, directly: (585) 245-5725

We are looking for a new Assistant Tutoring Coordinator for the 2014-2015 Academic Year.
If you are interested, please CLICK HERE TO APPLY.

Training for all tutors, new and returning, is now comprised of an online component, an in person mini-training and montly small group training sessions. Information in included below.


Tutoring Re-Application - If you have tutored for the program in the past, please fill out this application specifically made for returning tutors. 

Training Materials, Client Forms, and Resources for Tutors are now housed on the AOP Tutor Training MyCourses page. Please click on the following link to access the directions and begin the process. All tutors must complete the online training as well as the Re-Application above.


 Online Tutor Log - Individual Tutoring Session

Online Tutor Log - Group Tutoring Session
The Online Tutor Log is a crucial attribute of your position as an AOP Peer Tutor. You MUST complete a log after EVERY client meeting, even if the client is a no show. Information and communication are crucial in making this a successful program.



New Tutors

For students interested in learning more and potentially becoming a Peer Tutor for the Access Opportunity Programs, the following links will help you on your way.

AOP Tutoring - At A Glance Provides information on the department and the goals of our program. An excellent resource for all tutors.

New Tutor Application

The majority of materials are housed on the AOP Tutor Training MyCourses page. After filling out the New Tutor Application, above, please click on the following link to access the directions and begin the process. Once logged in, pay special attention to the Required Additional Materials tab as it contains crucial documents specific to new tutors. CLICK HERE!

Note: All tutors hired by the AOP department must participate in a training program that ensure that all tutors are sensitive to the needs of students of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  If you experience any difficult working with an assigned tutor, please contact Mr. Thomas Chew, TOP Counselor of AOP at (585) 245-5725 or contact him via email at aoptutoring@geneseo.edu.