TOP Eligibility Guidelines

1. Freshmen: An academic unweighted GPA of 80 or higher; a combined score of 900 or higher on the Critical Reading and Math sections of the SAT; or a minimum score of 20 on the ACT’s; a score of 2,750 or above on GED examination. GED recipients are required to provide composite SAT scores and high school transcripts up through their separation from high school. All applicants must be  high school graduates or GED recipients.

2. Transfers: Unless otherwise specified, must have completed two full time semesters at another college and have earned a cumulative grade point average of 2.4 or above to be a serious candidate for admission. and must also satisfy one or more of the items listed below.

3.  All applicants must fall into one or more of the following categories:

     a. A member of  an under-represented racial group asspecified in US census designations; a low-income student who exceeds eligibility critieria for EOP; a student attending a high identified as rural OR

     b. A recent immigrant of any race who has lived less than six (6) years in the United States but is seeking permanent resident status(classified as an eligible non citizen and assigned an Alien Registration Number). Must have scored at least five hundred twenty-five (525) or higher on paper-based test (92 or higher on the internet based test) , and/or have earned a score of 400 or higher on the critical reading section of the SAT; OR

    c. Age 25 years or older, of any race or ethnic background, and willing to enroll full-time (not less than 12 credit hours) during their first two semesters of study at SUNY Geneseo; OR

    d. A student who has self-identified as a first generation college student (neither parent or guardian has completed a four year college degree).

Please Note:  All students admitted TOP are required to participate in a four-week summer program in the months of July and August.  For more information regarding this requirment click here.