AOP Tutorial Services

prospective students

If you need extra help in a course and prefer individualized or small group tutoring, our office will arrange to have a highly accomplished tutor assist you in your learning. Our tutors have taken these courses, achieving a B+ or higher and have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0. Students interested in applying to be a tutor must be mature role modesl and possess an understanding of their unique responsibility as stewards of the AOP support services. Tutorial services are funded by the AOP Department. 

AOP Tutoring is designed to:

AOP Tutoring is NOT designed to:

  • Facilitate practice of course material
  • Provide clarification and increase understanding
  • Provide test/quiz review
  • Answer questions
  • Model and show how to use effective study skills
  • Encourage and motivate
  • Assist student in improving GPA/grade within a course
  • Support students in achieving their personal goals
  • Teach the course or make up for absences
  • Complete student homework assignments
  • Guarantee students an A or any grade within a course

Current AOP students

As a student in the Access Opportunity Programs you can request a tutor for any of your classes. Tutors are an outstanding resource and can make a significant difference in your academic success. Please take this working relationship seriously!

Students interested in obtaining a tutor must complete the Tutor Request form below. Please visit  the AOP office located at in Blake C - 104 or contact Ms Beverly Henke-Lofquist, with any questions. 


EOP Tutor Request Form

TOP Tutor Request Form

Please remember that tutoring sessions cannot replace personal studying time. Students collaborate with tutors to set goals and establish the best practices to succeed throughout the semester. Tutor/Client contracts further explain goal setting as well as arranging and maintaining a schedule of appointments. These contracts support a positive working relationship between tutors and students. By following the contract, students can expect their efforts to be reinfornced, their work habits to improve with successful progress as an outcome. Students can see the results each semester!

Tutor requests can be submitted at any point in the semester. The office does its best to accomodate student requests as soon as possible. Seperate requests must be submitted for each course.

We want student feedback!

Weekly Report for AOP Students

Brief weekly reports are completed by studentes receiving the tutoring service. This feedback assists the AOP Department in tracking progress and promoting the best working relationship between a student and the peer tutor.


Want to know more? interested in becoming an aop tutor?  CLICK HERE!

Information for CURRENT Tutors



Who are we?


Beverley Henke-Lofquist
Access Opportunity Programs TOP Counselor and Tutoring Coordinator
Sturges 123D - 585-245-5725 

Joanna Santos

Access Opportunity Programs TOP Counselor and Assistant Tutoring Coordinator
Sturges 123C - 585-245-5725

Cheryll Reynolds
AOP Tutoring Paperwork and Payroll Secretary
Sturges 121E - 585-245-5725