Melanie Blood

Professor of


Brodie 121
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454


Faculty Information


  • Ph.D., Northwestern University
  • M.A., Northwestern University
  • B.A., Dartmouth College


  • University of Georgia, Athens: Taught in M.F.A. and Ph.D. program


  • Alpha Psi Omega
  • Cothurnus
  • MTC
Fall 2016 Classes

ENGL 203:
R&T:Contemporary Amer Theatre

    An introduction to the discipline of English through the study of particular topics, issues, genres, or authors. Subtitles of "Reader and Text" help students develop a working vocabulary for analyzing
    texts and relating texts to contexts; understand the theoretical questions that inform all critical conversations about textual meaning and value; and participate competently, as writers, in the ongoing conversation about texts and theory that constitutes English as a field of study.
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ENGL 385:
Contemporary Drama

    A study of dramatic texts and selected readings in theatre history and dramatic theory from World War II to the present. The course may include English, American and world dramatic traditions, in thei
    r theatrical, cultural, and/or literary contexts. Prerequisite: ENGL 203
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HONR 394:
Capstone Seminar

    The capstone seminar will meet six times during the Capstone year. Students will share their experiences and report their progress to their peer Edgar Fellows and to the seminar supervisors, who will
    monitor progress. Students will be expected to provide annotated bibliographies, intermediate reports, or other measures of progress. Students will prepare oral presentations based on their Capstone Experience to be given in a public forum. Students must pass this course in order to receive an honors designation upon graduation. Prerequisites/Corequisites: HONR 393.
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MUSC 271:
Musical Theater Workshop

    Provides students with a practical study of a selected musical through rehearsal and public performance. Emphasis is placed upon stage diction, song and role interpretation, stage movement and vocal t
    echniques. (May be taken for credit three times.) Admission is by permission of instructor following audition; special registration procedures are handled by the music department. Offered every spring
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