Melanie Blood

Professor of


Brodie 121
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454


Faculty Information


  • Ph.D., Northwestern University
  • M.A., Northwestern University
  • B.A., Dartmouth College


  • University of Georgia, Athens: Taught in M.F.A. and Ph.D. program


  • Alpha Psi Omega
  • Cothurnus
  • MTC
Fall 2015 Classes

ENGL 387:
Dr&Soc:Brecht &His Descendants

    A study of dramatic texts alongside their cultural, historical, literary, theoretical, and/or theatrical contexts. (May be taken twice for credit under different subtitles.)

HONR 204:
F/HnSm-FArt:Shakespeare onFilm

    This seminar offers an introduction to a topic or set of topics drawn from the fine arts, as designated by the subtitle. Typical subtitles are: Jazz and the American Experience; Picasso:Form and Visi
    on; and Theater as Protest. As a core course, it will engage all students and will not assume any prior knowledge of the discipline(s) involved. As a seminar, the class will focus on a lively discussion and analysis of the issues. May be repeated more than once only with permission from director of the Honors Program. Prerequisites: HONR 202 or permission of program director. Offered once per year
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