SUNY Geneseo

Fall 2015 Performance Season

November 11-15    The Art of Dining  

          by Tina Howe

        Directed by Randy Kaplan

        **Admission:  $10.00

        7:30 PM (Sunday 2 PM)

        Alice Austin Theatre





December 10-13    Geneseo Dance Ensemble -  48Live: Dancing on the Edge

        Featuring New Choreography by Student Artists

        Artistic Director, Curator and Producer: Professor of Dance Studies Jonette Lancos

        Associate Director: Assistant Professor of Dance Studies Dr. Mark Broomfield ‘94

            Recipient of the Statewide 2013 SUNY Faculty Diversity Appointment

        Student Assistants: Nicole Bergamo and Kristen Czerwinski

        Produced by Geneseo Dance Ensemble

        **Admission:  $10.00

        7:30 PM (Sunday at 2:00 PM) Alice Austin Theatre,  William A. Brodie Hall