The greenhouse provides a place for people to go to relax and get a change of scenery, even in winter.  We have a variety of plants for use in our plant courses and for research.  A pond allows us to have aquatic plants which we were not able to keep in the old greenhouse.  As in the old greenhouse, various animals have found there way into the facility.  Some were brought in intentionally and others have arrived on plants and from the outside environment.

      We had a garter snake show up last year which apparently liked the facility so much that it returned several times after removing it.  I finally took it home and released it.  Some people could not accept having a garter snake in the facility.  This year, someone brought in a small toad.  Hopefully it will find enough food to survive.  We have at least one species of ant - pavement ant - establish itself in the pond structure.  A second species has recently showed up so the toad may have the food it needs.

     A baby red-eared slider turtle was left in a lab last year.   When we placed it in the pond, it immediately vanished among the rocks and plants.  Other than showing up in the filter a couple of times and spotted on the bottom of the pond once, it has been an elucive addition.  It has grown over the year so it is probably eating the snails and guppies.  The goldfish are much too large to be bothered by the turtle.

    There is one coy in the pond destined to become larger if it holds to its description.


The following is a set of images depicting a plant which was growing in our old greenhouse from the gravel floor.  This environment was somewhat drier and definitely shadier than the rest of the greenhouse.  I have transplanted most of the ones I could find in pots and aquaria.  The plant does not do well in high light and seems to prefer moderate to dry soil.  The plant is susceptable to mildew.  It is a perennial.  The flower structure and color first caught my interest.


I have not been able to identify this plant.  If you know what it is, please send me message.  I will be taking closeup pictures of the leaf and placing them here soon.


Unknown plantseedling of unknown plant 
leaf form of unknown plantLeaf of unknown plantLeaf of unknown plant
flower of unknown plantFlower of unknown plant 
Flower closeup of unknown plantFlower closeup showing structure and seedFlower closeup showing structure and seed
Flower closeup showing structureFlower closeup showing structureFlower closeup showing structure