Alumni News

Shadman Sinha at SUNY Stony Brook Whitecoat Ceremony 2013Shadman Sinha at SUNY Stony Brook Whitecoat Ceremony 2013

Duffney, Parker (5/2012) - Phd in Toxicology at the University of Rochester.

Gaudy, Allison (5/2004) - "Graduated with a PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Rochester.  Currently working as a post-doctoral fellow in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department at the University of Buffalo."

Gondek, David (12/2001) - "8/2011 - current Ithaca College, Assistant Professor; 7/2007-7/2011 Postdoctoral Fellow Harvard Medical School, Microbiology and Immunobiology; 5/2002-2007 Ph.D. Dartmouth College, Immunology."

Herberger, Arielle (5/2012) - Western University of Heatlh Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine."

Jackson, Doug (5/2012) - Pharmacology at University of Southern California.

Kalish, Jocelin (5/2012) - PhD in Pharmacology at Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences.

Lane, Steven (5/2006) - "After graduation, I worked in an academic research lab for a few years at the University of Rochester Medical Center studying vascular brain dysfunction and neurodegeneration.  In 2011 I received an assistantship and decided to go back to school, earning a Master's at SUNY Brockport in Biology.  I am currently working in a laboratory studying novel antibiotic treatment regimens and pharmacokinetic modeling on different nosocomial MRSA strains while I finish my PharmD at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences." - 4/2014

Lanni, Michael (5/2012) - Medical School or Masters in Public Health.

Morrison, Bethanie (5/2003) - "PhD in Molecular Pathobiology from the Uniformed Services University in Bethesda, MD in 2009, currently a postodoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Cancer Chemical Biology/Metabolism Branch of the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD."

Ostrow, Kimberly (5/1995) - "I finished my PhD in Biochemistry Feb 2002 from Roswell Park Cancer Institute.  I followed with a post-doctoral research fellowship in the Head and Neck Cancer Research Division at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine under the direction of Dr. David Sidransky, MD.  I am currently Faculty of Neurology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine with grant funding to study genetics of Schwannomatosis and pain." - 7/2012

Papasergi, Makaia (5/2012) - "Pursuing PhD in Pharmacology at the University of Rochester Medical Center."

Peterson, Benjamin (5/2012) - "Take a year off to work in a lab and spend a few months traveling before going to graduate school, probably for neurobiology."

Peterson, Nicolas (5/2012) - Research Scientist at Cell Signaling Technology.

Reynolds, Jackie (5/2012) - PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Rochester."

Rivera Moncada, Roberto (12/1977) - "Retired.  Biochemistry/Chemistry teacher at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras." - 8/2013

Rossi, Karen (5/2000) - "I first worked as a laboratory technician for a couple labs at the University of Kentucky before learning of my disability (Asperger's) and going on SSDI.  I then went to grad school (Eastern Kentucky University) for 4 years, earning an MS in Biology (2010), an MPH in Environmental Health Sciences (2011) and a graduate certificate in industrial hygiene (2012).  I have also served on the KY Statewide Council for Vocational Rehabilitation since 2009, becoming Member at Large of the Executive Committee in March 2013.  Seeing the problems with the vocational rehabilitation system led me to apply to Auburn University.  I have been admitted with a graduate assistantship to AU's M.Ed. program in Rehabilitation Counseling and PhD program in Rehabilitation.  I will apply the analytic and public health research skills I learned in Geneseo in critically examining the vocational rehabilitation system for high functioning clients with Autism Spectrum Disorders in order to improve their employment outcomes." - 7/2014

Senfield, Jeff (5/2004) - "I'm currently completing my Internal Medicince Residency at the University of Virginia.  I just matched into Cariology Fellowship at the Medical University of South Carolina to begin July 2012."

Stevens, Corbin (5/1995) - "I worked in R&D for a biotech company for the first half of this decade developing blood grouping reagents.  Currently I work as a writer in the oil field services industry.  The biochemistry degree has opened many doors for me, even in areas seemingly unrelated to the field.  The analytical rigor associated with the degree has been attractive to would-be employers."  - 3/2011

Tisdale, Arwen (5/2012) - I plan to attend the Roswell Park Cancer Institute's PhD program in either Cellular and Molecular Biology or Molecular Pharmacology and Cancer Therapeutics, after which I plan to spend my career in cancer research and perhaps later as a college professor."

Ulrich, Sarah (5/2012) - Medical School SUNY Upstate.

Welchon, Daniel (5/2006) - University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine 2006-2010; Harvard Program in Urology at Brigham and Women's Hospital 2010-present