Here's what Geneseo graduates are saying:

Dr. Brian Augustine, Class of 1990

Ph.D. University of North CarolinaProfessor of Chemistry, James Madison University

… it was my experience at Geneseo that drew me to a place like JMU.  It was the close faculty-student interaction, the opportunities for undergraduate research, and the "hands-on" learning that I remember most about Geneseo… augustbh@jmu.edu

Dr. Robert Loewe, Class of 1995

Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University

Postdoctoral studies—North Carolina State University

“I strongly feel that the department did a fantastic job at teaching me chemistry.  I am extremely grateful for the education I received at Geneseo.  It has helped me throughout graduate school and continues to do so today.  … courses at Geneseo presented an extra degree of detail and information and ultimately led me to a deeper understanding of the material at hand.” robertsloewe@hotmail.com


Kristen (Schaal) Mulvill, Class of 1996

MS, University of Notre Dame, 1999

OSI Pharmaceuticals, Tarrytown, NY

“I had a great experience as chemistry major at Geneseo.  The class sizes were such that I had no issue getting one-on-one attention from the professors.  The undergraduate research that I conducted during the school year and in the summers prepared me for the rigorous research that was expected of me in graduate school.  I also felt that the level of the classes that I took at Geneseo gave me an edge in graduate school and made the entrance exams much easier.  I graduated from the University of Notre Dame with my masters degree in Physical Organic Chemistry.  I am now employed at the Rohm and Haas Company in Philadelphia where I am a process chemist.  I started out in the Agricultural Chemicals division and am now in the Specialty and Intermediate Chemicals division where I create chemical processes for manufacturing and also deal directly with the customer since we supply some key raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry.  With my new job I get to travel all over the world, which has become very exciting.” Kristen.Mulvihill@osip.com


Faoud Ishmael, Class of 1996

Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine

“I am currently in the 5th year of the MD/PhD program at the Penn State College of Medicine.  I hope to obtain my PhD in Chemical Biology sometime this year before returning to medical school for the final two years of clinical training.  I owe much of my current success to the education, experiences, and support of the faculty at Geneseo.  While at Geneseo, I was trained as a biochemist and engaged in research in organic chemistry...  My research experience, class work, and interaction with the faculty in the chemistry department inspired me to choose this career path…” fti100@babylon.chem.psu.edu


Dr. Jamie Vergis, Class of 1996

Ph.D. Yale University

Postdoctoral student, University of Virginia

“Choosing Geneseo for my undergraduate career, without a doubt, was one of the best choices that I have made in my life.  I am currently a graduate student at Yale University majoring in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry.  When I first came to Yale, I was worried coming from a small college like Geneseo that I wouldn’t be able to compete with the other students from larger universities.  Its turns out that the professors in the chemistry department at Geneseo not only prepared me for graduate school, the education that I received was top-notch and just as good, if not better than other students received from those larger universities.  The chemistry department at Geneseo was great in watching out for its students.  In fact, not only did the professors know the names their students, they actually knew their students and interacted with us on a one-on-one basis daily.  It was a great atmosphere for learning, friendship, and fun.  I miss Geneseo a lot and I go back and visit the department whenever I get the chance.  The things that I remember most are the late nights in Greene studying with other classmates and of course the legendary Class of ’96 Chemistry Club end of year picnic…  it hasn’t been topped yet!  If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing… Geneseo, it is a great school and the chemistry department is wonderful.  There are reasons why U.S. News always ranks Geneseo high in its annual report of colleges and universities and the chemistry department is one of them in my opinion.” jv3q@virginia.edu.


Erica Martin, Class of 1997

MS Polymer Science at The University of Akron

Chemist at Rohm and Haas Company working with emulsions in the Spring House Technical Center, Philadelphia, PA

“I think ‘The Chicas’ will be a legend in Greene. The chemistry department was a close-knit family atmosphere which I really connected with - not only did it foster learning but it helped me form lifetime friendships with faculty and fellow students.  To this day the girls of the class of '97 chemistry all get together once a year for what we call ‘chica reunions!’” EMartin@rohmhaas.com


David Kwiat, Class of 1997

Medical school at Upstate Medical University

"Geneseo is a unique place.  As a small college in a semi-rural setting you have the potential to develop a working relationship with your professors which facilitates the entire learning experience.  As a student, especially in the chemistry department, you have the potential to be as well prepared as your peers at larger institutions.  In recent years Geneseo has become increasingly recognized for its excellence and its reputation has served me well in reaching my career goals." kwiatd@upstate.edu


Dan Fox, Class of 1998

Graduate student at University of California, Berkeley

“…the best part about the Geneseo Chemistry Department was that it was very easy to get to know all the professors, and all of you always had your doors open to us.  It was also a very valuable experience to do lab research under a professor both in the summers and during the semester.  … I think this sort of experience would be much different in a larger department that has a graduate program.”  dano@socrates.berkeley.edu


Paul Conrow, Class of 1999

MS, Rochester Institute of Technology

High school teacher, Rochester, NY

“During the four years I was at Geneseo, I always believed the chemistry professors were outstanding educators, trustworthy advisors, and in some cases true friends…I was well prepared to handle both the course work and research associated with my degree requirements at RIT…At Geneseo, every chemistry class that I completed was challenging, interesting, and in varying degrees fun to take.  Each professor has a unique style or teaching talent…the classes were well presented, practical, and engrossing.  Each course helped prepare me to carryout research, and I believe every course will supply me with at least a few great lessons for high school students.  The upper level labs at Geneseo, and the guided research project opportunities are truly amazing.  The guidance and personal support I received from various professors during my guided research was invaluable…” Paul_Liz_Conrow@msn.com


Victor Izzo, Class of 1999

“Well, being a Chem student at geneseo usually gets a couple of uuuhs and aaahhs. People are so scared of something that is relatively simple. There is no pressure for big term papers, writing programs, or tons of books. All you need to do is...understand stuff. It may sound hard but most of the time it is a team effort. I can remember many late nights hanging out in Greene...trying to study for a test but really just hanging out laughing and talking. Since the department was smaller than most, all of the faculty and students seemed to have a family type attitude. Everyone working towards learning the material…” izzov@hotmail.com


Mike Gorczynski, Class of 2000.

Graduate student at University of Virginia, organic chemistry.

“What can I say about Geneseo?  Well, it was the perfect place for me.  I made many important friendships with both students and professors. I enjoyed the sense of security associated with being in a small, friendly community.  Class sizes were perfect for student-student as well as student-professor interactions.  I ended up growing to love the town and its people and when graduation came, I was said to leave it all behind.  Geneseo is all about the memories and I’ll cherish those forever.”  mjg6d@virginia.edumjg6d@cms.mail.virginia.edu.


Julie Meidenbauer, Class of 2004

Chemist, Integrated Nanotechnolies, Inc., Rochester, NY

Choosing Geneseo for my undergraduate education was one of the best decisions I've made. I felt truly at home there, and the chemistry department was part of the extended family I formed during my four years. The professors are very approachable and were always willing to help, with homework to personal issues and everything in between. They know you as people, not numbers. The students also form a tight bond, because everyone is in so many classes together. I'm very happy I chose a school and department with such a close-knit feeling.
The education provided by the department allowed me to obtain a job in my field even before graduation. The classes provided me with a solid foundation, and the practical and hands-on research I performed helped me to develop my problem-solving abilities and gave me an insight into what would be required of me in the "real world". I was considered to have over two years of practical experience even before completing my degree, which was definitely a selling point in the job market.
Opportunities abound within the chemistry department. Nearly all professors have research students working with them, and internships with outside companies and agencies are also possible. In addition to my research, I was able to get credit for an internship with the local Sheriff's Office forensics lab. There is no shortage of education and experience, both in and out of the classroom, with the chemistry department at Geneseo.