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2014 Biology graduates from SUNY Geneseo who are first year medical students at SUNY Upstate in Syracuse

From left to right: Max MacBarb, Rebekah Steinke, Emily Wanamaker, Jared DeckFrom left to right: Max MacBarb, Rebekah Steinke, Emily Wanamaker, Jared Deck

2014 Biology graduates from SUNY Geneseo who are first year medical students at the University of Buffalo

From left to right: Allison Treichel, Alexandra Morell, Erika Valentine, Samantha WilliamsFrom left to right: Allison Treichel, Alexandra Morell, Erika Valentine, Samantha Williams

2013 Biology graduates from SUNY Geneseo who are first year medical students at the University of Buffalo

From left to right: Mohammad Iqbal, Kevin Frody, Deirdre Croke, Jill Sperrazza, Gregory Roloff, Thomas Eggert, Peter ThompsonFrom left to right: Mohammad Iqbal, Kevin Frody, Deirdre Croke, Jill Sperrazza, Gregory Roloff, Thomas Eggert, Peter Thompson

Brawdy, Sarah (5/20015) "Graduated from University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in 2009. I completed both a rotating small animal medicine internship and internal medicine internship at the Veterinary Specialist and Emergency Service of Rochester. Currently an attending emergency veterinarian at the Veterinary Specialist and Emergency Service of Rochester in NY."  (11/2014)

Ashley Buffamonte (5/2009) is a first year medical student at the Ohio State University College of Medicine, Columbus, OH. (3/2010)

Ryan Busha (5/2009) "A post-baccalaureate student receiving a master's degree in health management systems from Duquesne University will conduct a childhool obesity study in Lithuania on a Fulbright Scholarship."

Jennifer Byrnes (5/2006) "Received PhD from the University at Buffalo in Physical Anthropology, and was recently hired as Assistant Professor of Forensic Anthropology at the University of Hawaii - West O'ahu in 2014. (3/2015)

Hope Cole (5/2008) is pursuing the University of Rochester's Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program.  "Hope's thesis was built around a kinetic analyses of the activity of the base excision repair initiator protein uracil DNA glycosylase on nucleosome substrates.  Her work addressed conflicting results in the literature, provided novel insights and has been recognized by several leaders in the field as the best characterization of such activities."

Kasie Collins (5/2008) "I took 2 years after graduating to do SCA internships in Sitka, Alaska as a fisheries technician, then in Pensacola, FL as a river restoration technician for the US Forest Service and The Nature Conservancy, respectively.  I am currently attending graduate school at U Mass Amherst for Environmental Conservation with a concentration in Water, Wetlands and Watersheds.  This summer, I'm working for the Army Corps of Engineers doing a survey of the shoreline of Lake Ontario."  (4/30/2011)

Laurie Collins (5/2002) "graduated from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2006.  From there I went on to complete two internships at Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Charlotte, NC.  My interests include internal medicine and oncology.  I currently work in a small animal practice in Charlotte, NC." 

Carissa Cummings (5/2001) is teaching horticulture for the Department of Corrections and still working with Upward Bound. (9/2010)

Sean Diehl (5/1998) "My research at the University of Vermont is aimed at determining the molecular mechanisms occurring in immune cells that contribute to pathology of allergic and autoimmune disease as well as tumorigenesis.  To address these questions, I employ murine models as well as stable in vitro genetic modification of primary human lymphocytes derived from both control and patient populations."  He is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Vermont. (4/2012)

Thomas Eggert (5/2011) "I took some time after graduating from Geneseo to work and evaluate some graduate school options. During the summer of 2013 I completed a summer research program through UB and Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and this fall I began medical school at UB." (9/2013)

Jennifer Gruber (5/1991) "completed MS in Biology from St. Joseph College, West Hartford CT, ABD from Virginia Tech, have been teaching community college and university biology and chemistry courses online and on campus for 16 years, currently a Chemistry and Biological Sciences prof at Penn State World Campus and Penn State Hbg. Married with 3 children, living in Chocolatetown, USA."

Steven Hamilton (12/1974) "Since leaving Geneseo in 1975 I have earned an MA in entomology from the University of Kansas and a PhD in EntomoIogy from Clemson University. In 1987 I joined the biology faculty at Austin Peay State University, a Tennessee college very similar in mission and scope to that of Geneseo.  In addition to my academic appointment as a biology professor, I am the director and a principal investigator in the Center of Excellence for Field Biology at APSU.  I have been at the university for 26 years!  All of my former biology profs have retired long ago, but with nearly 40 years of hindsight, I can still say that I greatly value my years at Geneseo for the academics and the life experinences. Thanks Geneseo!" (12/2013)

David Hoekstra (12/2007) is a second year Ph.D. graduate student in the Immunology Department at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffao, NY, a program through SUNY Buffalo. (4/2010)

Jaime Hoey (5/2003) is a forensic scientist for Westchester County, Valhalla, NY.

Faoud Ishmael (5/1996) received his combined M.D./Ph.D. at Penn State and has been appointed Assistant Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Penn State's College of Medicine.

Kristin Jacobsen (5/2006) was a Cancer Research Training Award Fellow at the National Cancer Institute from 2006-2008.  In Fall 2008, she started in the Biomedical Sciences Program at the University of Colorado Denver and now is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Integrated Immunology at UC Denver and National Jewish Health. (4/2010)

Justin Janik (5/2009) is attending the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. (3/2010)

Timothy Johnsen (12/2007) is in his third year of teaching 7th and 8th grade science at East High School in the City of Rochester. (3/2010)

Sean Johnston (5/2001) 'I attended med school at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN graduating with an MD in 2005.  I subsequently completed a diagnostic radiology residency at Tulane University in New Orleans graduating in 2010.  I stayed on at Tulane university and did a year of fellowship training in muskuloskeletal and body imaging that I completed in 2011.  Currently, I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine in the Department of Radiology.  I mainly work in muskuloskeletal and emergency imaging." (2/2012)

Ethan Kellogg (8/2007) "Currently in third year of medical school at Howard University College of Medicine, Class of 2015." (6/2014)

Jennifer Kieffer (5/2001) is the Lead Physician's Assistant at the Methodist Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.

Daniel Kim is married to Jen Scrafford and they have a daughter named Ellina Leah Michaela Kim born November 13, 2010.  Dad was deployed to Afghanistan at the time.

Kevin Kransler (5/2000) completed his Ph.D. in toxicology in 2008 and now is a Senior Toxocologist at Exxon Mobil. (6/2010)

Colin Kremer (5/2008) is in his first year as a Ph.D. student in the Department of Plant Biology at Michigan State University. (3/2010)

Tina (Kuenzi) McPherson (5/1997) "married 8/8/08 to Chad McPherson and currently an MBA candidate 2010, University of Iowa.  A member of IMIG (Iowa Medical Innovation Group)."

Heather Minton (5/2000)  "Obtained my M.S. in Clinical Microbiology in May 2003 from Virginia Commonwealth University.  Worked in tobacco toxicology testing for 3 years and then joined CJW Medical Center in Richmond, VA as a microbiologist.  Have been the Microbiology Department Supervisor since October 2010." (4/2012)

Loretta Mueller (5/1990) is Laboratory Manager at Vaccinex Inc. in Rochester, NY.

Ken Noto (12/1980) is "enjoying disability retirement from Social Security Headquarters in Woodlawn, Maryland.  I worked there as a Technical Expert/Systems Analyst.  I know it was not in the field of Biology, but my education at Geneseo gave me the analytic abilities to excel in the world of computer systems and technology, especially those courses in Biology where I had to apply analysis and logic, such as Plant Taxonomy.  And now that I am retired, I enjoy a closer relationship with plants -- in my yard and my garden."

Sharon Pepenella (5/2007) is "currently a graduate student at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry working towards a Ph.D. in Biochemistry.  I was recently awarded my MS in Biochemistry." (March 2010)

Tracy Piccola (5/2008) "graduated in May 2009 from the University of Rochester's Accelerated Program for Non-Nurses with a B.S. in Nursing and am working as a Registered Nurse at Rome Memorial Hospital.  I will be attending the graduate program at SUNY Institute of Technology in Utica, NY this fall for Family Nurse Practitioner."

Mehr Qureshi was matched into General Surgery at the University of Rochester Medical Center.  (8/14/2012)

Julie Sahler (5/2007) Graduate student in University of Rochester's Microbiology/Immunology/Virology Ph.D. program.  (3/2010)

Andrew Sayer (5/2002) Graduated from Clemson University with my Ph.D. in Toxicology.  (8/7/2012)

Ellen Schmidt (5/2008) "I completed my Ph.D. in bioinformatics from the University of Michigan, and am now doing statistical genetics research in the UMich Department of Biostatistics." (4/2016)

Ali Shah (5/1999) "Got MD from Drexel University College of Medicine, finishing up residency in June 2011." (1/24/2011)

Sarah Shaw (5/2010)  "3rd year Optometry student at Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago, IL.  Soon to be taking part 1 of 3 of the National Boards and starting my rotations in May around the country.  Set to graduate in 2014 as a Doctor of Optometry."  (2/2013)

Margaret Sheen (5/1991) went to University of Dayton School of Law and is now an Environmental Attorney with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in Syracuse, and has been for over 12 years.

Damon Smith (5/2001) is working as an Assistant Professor and State Extension Specialist, Turfgrass and Horticulture Crops Pathology, Oklahoma State University Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology.

Tanya Smith (5/1997) "received my doctorate in Anthropological Sciences from Stony Brook University in 2004, then worked at a Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Germany for 4 years. I am currently an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Harvard University."

John Sojda III (5/1987) is working as a Manager, Government Accounts and Senior Field Applications Specialist, Promega, Madison, WI.

Helene Strazza (5/1995) went on to Temple Dental School.  Then joined the Navy for five years.  After that she got out of the Navy and went to Bronx Lebanon Pediatric Dental Program.  Became a Pediatric Dentist in 2006, worked part time at Bronx Lebanon as a Pediatric Dental Attending -- working with the residents, did a little work in private practice and started building her own office, opened in fall 2007. (12/2012)

Christina Szalinski (5/2008) "I earned my PhD in Cell Biology and Molecular Physiology from the University of Pittsburgh in 2013. Since I have been working as a science writer for the American Society for Cell Biology." (4/2014)

Andrew Torelli (5/2003) "After graduating from SUNY Geneseo in 2003 with a dual major in Biology and Computer Science, I enrolled in the Biophysics and Structural Biology graduate degree program at the University of Rochester.  My work primarily centered around the use of X-ray crystallography to learn about how a molecule's structure is related to its function in the case of a few different biomolecules.  I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis last summer (2008) and am now working as a Postdoctoral Associate at Cornell University in the laboratory of Steven E. Ealick. My current project is crystallographic studies of thiamin (vitamin B1) biosynthetic enzymes.  My other most exciting news is that my wife Mackenzie (also a SUNY Geneseo alum from the Education department) and I had our first child, a daughter, last June."

Xuang Wang was matched into Pathology at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  (8/15/2012)

Shannon White (5/2010)  "In September 2010, I went to Bangor University in North Wales, UK, to pursue a Masters degree in Marine Environmental Protection.  I completed my dissertation in October 2011 and was awarded a Master of Science with distinction in November 2011.  For my dissertation, I producde benthic community, biotope, and habitat maps for the territorial sea of the Isle of Man and identified areas of conservation concern in relation to the distribution of fishing effort, whereby management recommendations for conservation were made for the Isle of Man government." (12/2011)

Schuyler Wood (5/2007) He worked with the Peace Corps in Tanzania and will be attending SUNY Downstate College of Medicine in Brooklyn.  (3/2010)

Rafi Yusuf (8/2009) "Graduated medical school at Touro College in June 2014. Completed Psychiatric sub-internships at Walter Reed, Georgetown University, George Washington University, and Rockland Psychiatric Center. Currently first year intern at St. John's Episcopal Hospital, Queens, NY. Applying to residency for fields in clinical neuroscience or psychiatry." (11/2014)

Christina Zuch de Zafra (1992) "I graduated from Geneseo with a dual major in Psychology and Biology, and went on to grad school at the University of Rochester.  I received my PhD in toxicology in 1998, did a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Colorado, and have been working as a toxicologist at Genentech, in San Francisco, since late 2000.  Being a part of the biotech industry has been a great ride, and being a part of the minority of women in science has been equally thrilling." (8/2013)



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