Biology Summer, Winter and Over Break Courses


BIOL 314 Coral Reefs will tentatively begin Spring 2016 Lec MW 1:30-2:45, lab TBD.  Students in this 3-credit lecture and laboratory course will study the ecology and conservation of Caribbean coral reefs.  However, to participate in Dr. Bosch’s Geneseo course students must also enroll in a 1-credit field course offered through the International Ed. Program at SUNY BrockportThe Brockport course consists of 9 days of fieldwork in the Bahamas during Spring Break 2016.  The program fee for the Brockport course is estimated to be $3,100 including airfare, lodging and food.  Prereq for BIOL 314 is BIOL 203 (Principles of Ecology) or a comparable ecology course. For more information, please contact Dr. Bosch directly.

NOTE: To Enroll in BIOL 314 3 cr (2,3):  You must first obtain permission from Dr. BoschOnce you have a confirmed “seat”in the Geneseo course you must begin the process registering for the 1 cr international course taught collaboratively by Dr. Bosch , Dr. James Haynes (SUNY Brockport) and Dr. Melissa Hicks (Onondaga Community College).  To reserve a spot in that course you must provide a deposit of $1350 to SUNY Brockport on or before October 15.  The total cost for the international course including tuition, snorkeling gear rental, food, travel, and other incidental expenses such as a new passport,  is about $3500.  Geneseo is allocated ~10 places in the field course, depending on the number of interested students from the other colleges.


BIOL 105/106 Contemporary Biology Lecture/Lab will tentatively be offered in Ghana, West Africa by Dr. Bandoni Muench Summer Session.  Contemporary Biology is a Natural Science core course designed specifically for students in majors outside of the sciences, and with no prerequisites.  There are several upcoming information sessions to learn about this opportunity:

W, 1/27/16, 230-345pm, ISC115
W, 2/3/16, 400-500pm, College Union 328
W, 2/10/16, 700-800pm, ISC137

For more information, please contact Susan Bandoni Muench (

BIOL 117 General Biology Lecture will tentatively be offered by Drs. Robert O'Donnell and Ray Spear Summer Session I 

MTWR 830am-1010am

BIOL 388 Comparative Sustainability in Nicaragua Study Abroad course will tentatively be offered by Dr. Hannam Summer 2016. For additional information, please contact Dr. Kristina Hannam directly.

This three-credit, hybrid online-short term study abroad course will focus on sustainability issues both global and local.  The course will begin in May 2016 with one week of online coursework covering sustainability issues and background information about Nicaragua.  Two weeks studying abroad in Nicaragua will be spent traveling to 3 different locations to understand the environmental and sustainability issues there.  Upon return to the United States, a week of online wrap-up coursework and assignments will allow students to evaluate the what they learned abroad and compare and contrast problems and solutions in the developing world with those in the U.S.  This course will provide an opportunity for students to understand the sustainability problems and potential solutions of one place in the developing world, Nicaragua  - a very different place from their daily experience in the U.S.  Through readings, activities and interactions with people in Nicaragua, students will grasp the sustainability issues being tackled by the local people and reflect on the similarities, differences and connections to sustainability issues in the United States. HIghlights include:  Participation in a reforestation project in Masaya National Park to learn about protected areas, Working on a small-scale solar or biogas installation project to learn about climate change/energy/poverty issues, visiting several protected areas in dry tropical forest, globally rare Central American pine forest, and cloud forest sites to learn about biodiversity and ecotourism, and visiting small-holder coffee and pineapple farms to learn about agriculture and environment interactions. 

If you have any concerns or require information prior to attending an information session, please contact Dr. Hannam directly.