Tutoring Information for Biology Required Courses

Tutors for General Biology (BIOL 117 and BIOL 119), Ecology (BIOL 203), Genetics (BIOL 222), and Cell Biology (BIOL 300) are generally available for the fall and spring semesters.  Tutor names and their usual hours will be posted here once known.  Please note that tutoring days, times and/or rooms may change as needed.  

SPRING 2015                     
Biology Department Group Tutoring:

BIOL 116 General Biology Labs

  • Undergraduate Lab Instructors (ULIs)
    • Varies

BIOL 119 General Biology in ISC131

  • Kelsea Flannery
    • Monday 530-730pm
    • Tuesday 530-730pm
  • Sarah Anstett
    • Sunday 500-700pm
    • Thursday 630-830pm
  • Tamara Kurek
    • Sunday 300-500pm
    • Wednesday 630-830pm

BIOL 203 Ecology

  • Carsen Sulzer &/or Matthew Taylor
    • Monday 430-630pm in ISC137
    • Wednesday 100-230pm in Newton 212

BIOL 222 Genetics in Newton 203

  • Sarina Bevilacqua, Deanna Brockman, and/or Anthony DiNatale
    • Sunday 600-730pm
    • Tuesday 600-730pm
    • Thurdsay 600-730pm

BIOL 300 Cell Biology in ISC115

  • Kim Movsesian
    • Sunday 530-700pm
    • Tuesday 530-700pm

BIOL 335 Biochemistry in ISC136

  • Kathleen Rusnak
    • Wednesday 230-400pm

BIOL 340/MATH 340 in ISC343

  • Thomas Hartvigsen and/or Nicholas Yager
    • Wednesday 100-220pm
Biology Department Individual One-on-One Tutor for Hire:

Students seeking one-on-one tutoring for hire for other Biology required courses should consult with the course instructor.