Professional Development Events (PD Events) Spring 2014

Professional Development Events are held to support the continued professional growth of School of business students.  PD Events cover specific topics that relate to young professionals, but are not necessarily topics that are covered in the classroom.  Some examples include networking, employee benefits, interviewing techniques, interpersonal skills in the workplace, and diversity in the workplace. School of Business students are required to participate in and complete a minimum of twelve (12) professional development events as a graduation requirement.


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January 22GOLD-TeambuildingCU Hunt Room2:30-3:30
January 23GOLD-Making the Right Career Moves (Pearls of Wisdom from Successful Leaders)CU 1142:30-3:30
January 27GOLD-Write for SuccessCU 322/3232:30-3:30
January 27GOLD-Seven Habits of Highly Effective PeopleCU 3192:30-3:30
January 28GOLD-Assertiveness TrainingCU 322/3232:30-3:30
January 29GOLD-Running Effective MeetingsCU Hunt Room2:30-3:30
January 29GOLD-Presentation SkillsNewton 2022:30-3:30
February 4GOLD-Social Media and Your Job/Internship SearchCU 1142:30-3:30
February 4GOLD-Time ManagementCU Hunt Room2:30-3:30
February 5GOLD-Time Management for Busy GeeksMilne 1042:30-3:30
February 5Intern NOW, Make Connections for LATER - Residential LifeSaratoga Commons7:00-8:00
February 10GOLD-Preparing Your ResumeCU Hunt Room2:30-3:30
February 10GOLD-Discover the Seven Secrets of Schmoozing SuccessCU 3192:30-3:30
February 11GOLD-Building Your Personal Brand (Pearls of Wisdom from Successful Leaders)CU 1142:30-3:30
February 12GOLD-Finding an InternshipCU 3192:30-3:30
February 12GOLD-Creating and Leading Inclusive EnvironmentsCU Hunt Room2:30-3:30
February 12Intern NOW, Make Connections for LATER - Residential LifeSaratoga Commons7:00-8:00
February 12Deloitte Career Builder #3 - Third in a SeriesNewton 2017:00-8:00
February 13GOLD-Creating e-Portfolios for the Job MarketMilne 1042:30-3:30
February 17GOLD-The Job Search and Internship SearchCU 3192:30-3:30
February 18GOLD-Office EtiquetteCU 3192:30-3:30
February 18GOLD-Etiquette DinnerCU Ballroom6:00-8:00
February 19GOLD-Running Effective MeetingsCU Hunt Room2:30-3:30
February 19GOLD-Interviewing Skills for Jobs and InternshipsCU 3192:30-3:30
February 20GOLD-Social Networking for ProfessionalsMilne 1042:30-3:30
February 20The Bonadio Group - Phi Beta LambdaNewton 2024:00-5:00
February 25GOLD-Who Knows You: Speed Networking on the ClockCU 322/3232:30-3:30
February 25International Sales - International Business ClubNewton 2146:30-8:00
February 26GOLD-Presentation SkillsNewton 2022:30-3:30
February 27GOLD-Hone Your Brain, Follow Your Heart and Do Something That Matters!CU 1142:30-3:30
February 27How Much?! Build a Budget and Avoid Moving Back Home!-Residential LifeSaratoga Commons7:00-8:00
March 3GOLD-Ethical Dilemmas in Leadership and BusinessCU 1142:30-3:30
March 4GOLD-Developing Inter-Group RelationsCU 3192:30-3:30
March 5GOLD-Finding an Internship (WLC)CU 3192:30-3:30
March 5GOLD-Women's Leadership Conference: Networking Mixer & DinnerCU Ballroom5:30-7:30
March 5UAA's Seminar on Survival (SOS) ProgramNewton 2017:00-8:00
March 5Deloitte Career Builder #4 - Fourth in a SeriesNewton 2017:00-8:00
March 6How To Land Your Dream Job - SHRMWelles 1216:00-7:00
March 11GOLD-Using Your Personality Type: The Myers-Briggs Type IndicatorCU 3192:30-3:30
March 11Constellation Brands - International Business ClubNewton 2046:30-8:00
March 25GOLD-Group DynamicsCU 1142:30-3:30
March 25GOLD-Maximizing Your Internship ExperienceCU 3192:30-3:30
March 26GOLD-Graduate School Application ProcessCU 3192:30-3:30
March 28GOLD-From VISTA to Visionary: A Leader Creating Social Impact (Pearls of Wisdom)CU 1142:30-3:30
March 31GOLD-Investing in the Stock Market (Personal Finance Series)CU 322/3232:30-3:30
April 1GOLD-Got Talent? Find Your StrengthsCU 1142:30-3:30
April 2GOLD-Presentation Skills IICU 322/323,24,252:30-3:30
April 2GOLD-TeambuildingCU Hunt Room2:30-3:30
April 2Small Business Panel - Alpha Kappa PsiNewton 2032:30-3:30
April 3Apartment Hunting Essentials - Residential LifeSaratoga Commons7:00-8:00
April 9GOLD-Time ManagementCU Hunt Room2:30-3:30
April 9GOLD-From Geneseo to 9/11 to Private Investment: Reaching Your Goals & BeyondCU 1142:30-3:30
April 9Freshman Mandatory PD EventNewton 2022:30-3:45
April 14GOLD-Conflict Resolution (Living in the Real World Series)CU 322/3232:30-3:30
April 16GOLD-Stress Management (Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds Wellness Series)CU Hunt Room2:30-3:30
April 16Stock Workshop -  Alpha Kappa PsiSouth 3402:30-3:30
April 23GOLD-Stress Management (Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds Wellness Series)CU Hunt Room2:30-3:30
April 25GOLD-Your Career - A Marathon, Not a SpringCU 1142:30-3:30