Professional Development (PD) Requirement

All School of Business majors need 12 Professional Development (PD) Events in order to graduate.  There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.  Of the 12 events, six are mandatory and six are chosen by the student based on interest.  The new required PD events ensure that all School of Business students receive training in basic career and job-search skills.
Students who entered Geneseo with 60 or more hours need to complete a total of 8 PD events.  They are also exempt from the Freshman/Sophomore Event; they must select one additional elective PD event.
The six mandatory events are:
Freshman/Sophomore PD Event – “Taking Ownership”
Junior/Senior PD Event – “Preparing for the Future”
Resume Workshop
Cover Letter Workshop
Interviewing Skills Workshop
Presentation Workshop
Please check the School of Business website for the list of eligible events to fulfill the 6 additional events.  Faculty may also announce events in class.  Student attendance at each of the sanctioned events will be verified and recorded by Geneseo ID #. Students will be able to confirm that they have been credited with completion of the activity by accessing a central database. Students will be responsible for notifying the School of Business of any discrepancies within a reasonable period of time.
PD Event Attendance Protocol
  • Be a participant not just present in the room
  • Arrive before the scheduled start time – late arrivals may be prohibited from attending
  • Stay for the entire event – it is unprofessional to leave before the event has concluded
  • Focus on the presenter – do not bring other work or reading to the event
  • Make sure you bring a pencil and your Geneseo ID# - attendance is taken at the end
  • For School of Business sponsored PD events you must complete the scantron sheet at the time of attendance to get credit – no retroactive credit will be granted under any circumstances. 
  • GOLD Events must be registered for ahead of time.
PD Database Information
To view your Professional Development event attendance, log-in to myGeneseo ( or link from Geneseo home page) and then:
  • Click on the “myAcademics” tab.
  • Under the tabs there are two “Customize Column” links, please click the right-most one.
  • A window will pop up.  Change the selected category to “Student Portlets.”
  • Click the icon next to “Professional Development” in the left-most list.
  • “Professional Development” should appear in the right-most list.  Click “OK.”
  • Your Professional Development event attendance should now be displayed at the bottom of the myAcademics page.
Missing Events: If you think an event is missing, provide the name and date of the event you attended that is missing to the School of Business secretary. Please do not email and ask about missing events - you need to bring the information to South Hall 100 in person. If you do not have the name and/or date, we probably can't track it down. Remember that only events with a scantron sheet at the end were sanctioned. If you completed the form in pen, or did not include a correct ID number or CRN for the event, you probably did not get credit for the event.
Fulfilling the Requirement: When you register for your last semester at Geneseo, you will register for one of the following PD requirement sections:
            Business Administration majors - Mgmt 099
            Accounting majors - Acct 099
            Economics majors - Econ 099

If you have registered for this zero credit "class," your PD record will be reviewed at the end of the semester and you will receive a "Satisfactory” or “Unsatisfactory" grade. This will become a permanent notation on your transcript and show that you have fulfilled the requirement. Please remember, this process will only take place in the Fall and Spring semesters. If you are an August graduate - sign up for the 099 class during the spring semester.
Click here for a list of offered PD Events