Professional Development (PD) Requirement

Professional Development Events are held to support the continued professional growth of School of Business students.  PD Events cover specific topics that relate to young professionals, but are not necessarily topics that are covered in the classroom.  Some examples include networking, employee benefits, interviewing techniques, interpersonal skills in the workplace, and diversity in the workplace. School of Business students are required to participate in and complete a minimum of twelve (12) professional development events as a graduation requirement.

Of the 12 events, six are mandatory and six are chosen by the student based on interest.  The following PD events are mandatory and required for graduation.  The six mandatory events ensure that all School of Business students receive training in basic career and job-search skills.

  • Taking Ownership-Be Involved (Freshman/Sophomore)
  • Preparing for the Future (Junior/Senior)
  • Resume Workshop
  • Cover Letter Workshop
  • Interviewing Skills Workshop
  • Presentation Workshop

Click here for a list of offered PD Events