Writing Proficiency Exam

One way to determine if you need to complete the exam is to check your WebCAPP-Degree Evaluation Report in your MyGeneseo student account. Below your “Major Requirements” you will see “WRITING DEPARTMENTAL-Departmental Writing Requirement”, if there is a “NO” next to this, it means you have not completed this requirement.

If you have not fulfilled this graduation requirement

School of Business Majors-Writing Proficiency Exam
The writing proficiency examination is required by the School of Business for completion of your degree.  Everyone must pass this exam, whether you are a transfer student who received equivalent transfer credits from another institution or a student who takes the business communications course at Geneseo.

Important:  SENIORS - Make sure you fulfilled this requirement, not fulfilling this requirement means you will not graduate. 

Students who have not taken INTD 205 Business Communications
-You will fulfill this requirement the semester you take this course - you are all set for now.

Students enrolled in INTD 205 Business Communications this semester-Your instructor will provide specific information regarding your exam, as well as its weight toward your final grade in the course, if applicable. You do not need to sign up to take the exam.
Transfer students and those who have taken INTD 205 (or Equivalent)
The examination will be given on Friday, December 6, 2013 at 4:00pm in Newton 203 and 204 for students who fit any of the following descriptions:

·         You were unable to take the exam the semester you enrolled in INTD 205.

·         You transferred in with equivalent course credit hours and have not yet taken the exam.

·         You took the exam and did not pass - you must re-take the exam the semester after you fail it.

If you are in this group, you must sign up in South Hall 100 as soon as possible to reserve a spot for the exam.  Deadline is Tuesday, December 2nd, at 4pm. You will not be able to take the proficiency exam this semester without advanced registration.

What Room Should I Report To?

Professor’s Mclaughin and Jurkowski students report to Newton 204

Professor’s McAlpine and Landy, students, and all others report to Newton 203

What the Proficiency Entails

The following are the guidelines to help you prepare for the Writing Proficiency Exam for the School of Business. The purpose of these guidelines is to answer any questions you might have before coming to the examination.

What to bring:

  • A laptop – you must provide your own laptop for this exam. Make sure the battery is fully charged before arriving. There is limited access to electrical outlets in Newton. If your laptop battery won't hold a charge for 2 hours - borrow one that will. Do not count on being able to plug your laptop in. 
  • Your class textbook or course materials assigned by you professor. It is unwise to enter the exam with the attitude that the textbook will tell you how to write the exam. Rather, think of the textbook as a reference source to verify your writing decisions (e.g., on formatting).