Executive Advisory Board of Student Managed Investment Fund Meets on November 21

The Executive Advisory Board of the School of Business's Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) met on Thursday, November 21, at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester to receive the Club's third quarter performance report.  Interim Dean Walter Roettger convened the group; he was joined by Dr. Mike Schinski, faculty advisor to the Club, Dr. Harry Howe, Professor of Accounting and Vice President for College Advancement Bill Brower.  The Executive Advisory Board includes fourteen leading financial and investment managers in Region who Nick Russomeet under the leadership of Mr. Thomas DeMott, Chairman of the School's Business Advisory Council.  SMIF Club President Nick Russo, a senior accounting major from Grand Island, NY, reviewed quarter III activity, noting that the Fund had advanced 20.5% since January 1, 2013 and that it now totals in excess of $217,000.  Other presenters discussed the structure of the portfolio, the Club's investment strategy and recent transactions.  They included: Taylor Weeks, senior accounting major from Canandaigua, NY; Michael Wright, senior economics major from Amherst, NY; Andrew Maung, senior business administration major from Hauppauge, NY; and Robert Karpinski, junior mathematics major from Ithaca, NY.  Other members of the SMIF Club who were present included Peter Borgesi, Jimmy Boyatzies, Zach DiMarco, Max Eberts, Tiffany Loo, Meric Ozbay, Patrick Powers, and Wilson Zhang.